Genealogy Family Tree

Genealogy Family Tree is the first responsive Family Tree generator on the market ! With modern design and multiple options to customize.

Front-end : -Zoom with mouse scroll and Pan with drag & drop -Responsive : always dynamicaly calculate free space available around each person’s card and reposition them relative to each others. Allow a lot more readability on big trees. -Full screen button -Choose between different last names to be root of the tree -All loadings via AJAX (without refreshing the page !) -100% SVG -Big profile card on “touch / mouse hover” with biography, jobs, big picture and more… -Multiples partners allowed (remarriage) -Change background color, or put an image as background -Choose between multiples theme for card design -Languages: English, Français…easily translatable via .po/.mo files…

Back-end : -Allow / Disallow any of the precedent options -Easily edit or delete any persons in the tree without refreshing the page (thanks to AJAX !) -Upload and crop profile pictures on the fly !

And a lot more !

Feel free to contact us if you need further explanations, bug report, suggestions…: