Gallery Feed

Gallery Feed is a social plugin for WordPress that will help you to build a nice looking gallery using data from different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest. Gallery Feed can also serve you as a Portfolio gallery where you can add custom content like text, photos and even videos!

Live Demos

Use as Portfolio

Gallery Feed can serve you as portfolio gallery with detailed case study options. You can add photos, videos and the story behind the project! Hotspots give you the option to explain certain details of the project and explain your approach there.

Use as Social media stream

Gallery Feed will stream photos, videos and text content from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest.


– Responsive grid-style layout
– Facebook Photo Albums and Videos
– Instagram Photos
– Flickr Photos and Videos
– Twitter Feeds
– Pinterest
– Custom Projects that can display Photos, YouTube and Vimeo videos
– Lightbox features include: Social Share Buttons, Item Description, Hotspots, Image Dominant Colors, Read Facebook/Flickr/Instagram Comments, Tags, Views, Likes and more
– Turn On/Off the LIghtbox
– Turn On/Off the Navigation
– Color and Font customizable
– Ajax Oriented
– Visual Composer Support


1. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.
2. Click “Upload Plugin”, “Browse” and pick the plugin archive
3. Click “Install Now” and “Activate Plugin
4. A new menu should now appear in the Dashboard named “Gallery Feed

Adding Categories

1. Go to Dashboard > Gallery Feed > Categories
2. Enter category name and click “Add to the list

Adding Projects

1. Go to Dashboard Gallery Feed > Projects
2. Click “Create New Project
3. Fill Project Details and Text Content
4. Click “Save Information

Adding Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr)

1. Go to Dashboard > Gallery Feed > Social Networks
2. Select Social Network type and click “Add Album” or “Add Account
3. Fill details (Category, Account ID/Album ID…) and click “Save Information

Displaying the plugin on the front-end

The plugin uses the shortcode [gallery_feed]
On your Page/Post simply enter [gallery_feed]

API Settings

Facebook API

1. Go to
2. Enter app name and click “Create New Facebook App ID”
3. Choose some category for example “Utilities” and click “Create App ID”
4. Complete the setup page (Tell us about your website section) and on the “Next Steps” section click “Skip to Developer Dashboard”. You can see your App ID and App Secret on this page.
5. Go to
6. At the top right corner change “Graph API Explorer” to your App Name. Click “Get Token” and pick “Get Access Token”. For Permissions pick “user_photos”, “user_videos”. Click “Get Access Token” and then “OK”
7. Your access token is now generated in the “Access Token” field
8. Paste your App ID, App Secret and Access Token in the Dashboard -> Gallery Feed -> API Settings -> Facebook API Settings

Twitter API

1. Go to
2. Click “Create New App” button
3. Fill Application Details, leave Callback URL empty and click “Create your Twitter application”
4. Go to “Keys and Access Tokens” section
5. Generate Access Token and Token Secret in the “Token Actions” section
6. Paste your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret in the Dashboard -> Gallery Feed -> API Settings -> Twitter API Settings

Instagram API

1. Login and go to
2. Fill Details (for Valid redirect URIs enter the website url) and click “Register”
3. Go to You can see your Client ID here. Click “Edit” button on your App
4. In Securty tab uncheck “Disable implicit OAuth” and click “Update Client”
5. Go to Where CLIENT_ID_HERE is your Client ID and WEBSITE_URL is the WEBSITE URL you registered (this info visible in the Manage Clients page)
6. On success you will be redirected to http://WEBSITE_URL/#access_token=MY_ACCESS_TOKEN
7. Paste the MY_ACCESS_TOKEN value in the Dashboard -> Gallery Feed -> API Settings -> Instagram API Settings

Flickr API

1. Go to and fill the details
2. Paste your Key in the Dashboard > Gallery Feed > API Settings -> Flickr API Settings

Pinterest API

1.To obtain access token go to
2. Paste your Key in the Dashboard > Gallery Feed > API Settings > Pinterest API Settings

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