FullPage for Visual Composer


Now, create beautiful scrolling fullscreen web sites with Visual Composer, fast and simple.This plugin simplifies creation of fullscreen scrolling websites with WordPress and saves you big time.

Top Features

  • Fully responsive.
  • Touch support for mobiles, tables, touch screen computers.
  • Each row as a full page section. Full page sections are the vertical slides.
  • Optional columns as slides. If selected, each column behaves as horizontal slides.
  • Full page scroll with optional visible scrollbar.
  • Optional Auto-height sections.
  • [NEW] Optional fixed header and footer.
  • CSS3 and (optional) JS animations.
  • Animated anchor links.
  • Optional show/hide anchor links in the address bar.
  • Optional vertically centered row content.
  • Optional text resize when window is resized.
  • Optional section and slide loops.
  • Optional section only scrollbars.
  • Optional keyboard support while scrolling.
  • Optional history record. When this is enabled, browser back button will go to the previous section.
  • Optional horizontal and vertical navigation bars.
  • Optional responsive scrollbar. When responsive width and height given, a normal scroll page will be used under the given width and height values.
  • Output CSS and JS minified.