Fresh Scrollbar


The fastest and most native customization of your Scrollbar powered by modern CSS3 technology


We have tried to go the JavaScript route for this plugin but it ended up being a slow, buggy and unresponsive mess with unreliable results across different browsers, something we can’t accept, so we have decided that an all-around better solution will be to use a pure CSS3 technology to customize the browser’s scrollbar. This CSS3 scrollbar works straight out of the box for everyone unlike a JavaScript approach where in some cases it is nearly impossible to implement/plug-in if your theme has a complex HTML structure.

This CSS3 approach has one notable drawback though and that is compatibility. The CSS3 scrollbar code works only in desktop Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari and Opera). We feel that custom scrollbars are not something that needs to be in all browsers, especially if you would need to sacrifice speed and reliability, so try to think of this as a bonus progressive enhancement for modern browsers rather than graceful degradation. We will of course update the code immediately when we find out that some other browser started supporting direct CSS3 styling of it’s scrollbars.