Fluent Demo

WordPress Multisite Demo requests, previews and creation

Fluent Demo is a plugin which enables WordPress multisite to request and create transient demonstration areas for potential purchasers of themes and plugins.

Fluent Demo makes duplicating a demonstration blog as easy as adding a post in the admin, or requesting a demo via the front end request form.

Not only does it allow you to request and create demos, it provides a frontend demostration area where a visitor can switch between all of your enabled demonstration blogs, with request demo, purchase and remove frame links. There is also the added feature of simulating responsive screen sizes per site.

Demo site previews – Need to show demos of themes or plugin output? This plugin is up to the task. With searches and tag filtering.

Responsive Simulation – Show your demo sites as if your visitor was viewing via a tablet or phone.

Demo Requests – Want to allow visitors to request demos? Simply save the demo options and its there.

Google Analytics Tracking – Track pageviews, request button clicks and request submissions.

Custom Table Support – Does your demo site have custom generated tables, no problem you can select them for cloning during creation.

Follow Up Emails – Want to send a one off email when the demo expires? Fluent Demo gives you the power to do so.

Statistic Graphs – Visualize activations, subscriptions over periods of time.

Demo Rating System – Give your demo users the power to rate there experience.

Secure – All submitted data is used securely, with spam protected request form default.

Demo Creation – Once a demo is requested, or you add a demo via the admin the plugin will clone the current site into a unique sandbox for the visitor.

Automatic Cleanup – Demo sites can be archived after any number of hours you choose.

Newsletter Signup Intergration – Want to allow users to signup to your newsletter, add the newsletter url and post fields via the settings.