Facebook Groups Alerts

Facebook Group Alert is an extension that alerts you by mail any time one of your defined keywords is used in a public facebook group.

Monitor favorite topics : Enter keywords related to your favorite topics trending on facebook, and you are sure not to miss anything.

Monitor your reputation : Use the Facebook Group Alert to track anybody that mentions your name our business name in their posts on facebook.

Monitor product releases: If you are in a specific sector or you want keep an eye on your competitors products, this tool can help you keep track of the latest releases.

Monitor someone: Keep an eye on a specific person, a person of reference or someone that contributes one way or the other to your life or business.

Monitor for opportunities: Get updates about opportunities of interest to you just by entering the appropriate keywords and you won’t miss anything.

Monitor your Competitors: See what your competitors are doing to stay ahead of the game and to give a tailored service to your ideal client.