eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder

 WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Reminder helps the store owner to let their customers recover the Abandoned cart by sending them cart recovery email reminders. The admin can send email reminders to the customers who were unable to complete the checkout. In an e-commerce business, there are many strategies for Customer

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

 WooCommerce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) This Woocommerce Customer Relationship Management system will help the e-commerce store owner to keep track of leads and customers. It helps the store owner to revolutionize the pattern of marketing of the store with the help of customer data. However, apart from e-commerce, the CRM solution is highly vital for

Order Listener for WooCommerce

 Checking orders manually sometimes create stress and become painful. Say, you have a store for your restaurant shop developed with WooCommerce and you are always busy with management, in this situation you have to check new orders manually. Cause the place might be noisy and it’s not possible to check after x time for new

Woo Discount Planner

 Discount Planner allows you to easily schedule discount periods. You could apply different discount rates and different minimum purchase quantity for your store according to your products categories. It displays on the shop all running discount with the remaining time to take your customers to purchase.

WooCommerce Penny Sale

  WooCommerce Penny Sale– v1.0.1 Fully tested and compatible with WordPress 5.3.2 and WooCommerce 3.9. An extension for WooCommerce, which adds the functionality to have a penny sale. Example buy 1 product, get the next one for a penny. A new sub menu under the WooCommerce menu tab will be created called “Penny Sale” where

NMI Payments Gateway for WooCommerce

 Network Merchants payments gateway enables companies to process online transactions in real-time anywhere in the world. NMI (Network Merchants Inc.) Payment Gateway is a WordPress Plugin which allows the WooCommerce plugin to accept credit card payments without worrying the Customers Credit Cards Details which are taken care by the NMI. Key Features Seamless integration into

FirstData Payeezy Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

 FirstData – Payeezy secure online payment gateway makes it easy and hassle free for you to accept credit card payments through your website. This plugin allows you to accept payments in WooCoomerce via FirstData – Payeezy Gateway. WooCommerce FirstData – Payeezy Payment Gateway plugin allows you to decide what your checkout process will look like, (Finland) Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

 This plugin allows you to accept payments in WooCoomerce via  Checkout  (Finland). The WooCommerce  Checkout  (Finland) Payment Gateway plugin extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via the  Checkout .fi payment portal. You need to register for a contract with  Checkout .fi to use this plugin. Features Trusted and Secure payment gateway Accepts Major Credit Cards

Elasticsearch for WooCommerce

 Elasticsearch for WooCommerce In order to make the customers experience a swift search process, one must integrate the Elasticsearch feature with their Woocommerce sites. It is necessary as well because of the lesser time customers spend time on searching, faster they will tend to add products in the cart and make a purchase and hence