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Ultimate Woocommerce Page Templates Builder | KingComposer add-on

 Ultimate Woocommerce Page Templates Builder | KingComposer add-on If you want to build your own different templates for your WooCommerce website with KingComposer, then this plugin is best suit for you. You can create templates for Single product page, Cart page & Checkout pages Features MADE FOR KINGCOMPOSER: We love KingComposer, and we think you

Woocommerce Multiple Images per Variation

 By default woocommerce supports only one image per variation but with our plugin you can add any number of images for each variation. see this. Plugin Features Have any number of images for each variation . Seamless handling on frontend via ajax . Seamlessly integrate with your theme . Compatible with Wooswatches . Compatible with

WooCommerce PayPal Braintree

 WooCommerce PayPal Braintree is a WooCommerce Extension which allows you to accept Credit Cards and PayPal Payments Payment Gateway via Braintree. The Payment Form is a Hosted Form[Drop-in UI] which is provided by Braintree. Customers can save their credit card details to their WooCommerce Account for quick checkout. Features Works with Simple Product and Variable

WooCommerce AliExpress Shipment Tracking

 Plugin Features Attach tracking numbers to email notifications for your clients Displaying tracking numbers in orders section of your customers accounts and in WooCommerce admin panel Setting up the tracking service (17track, cainiao, aftership) Adding order tracking page for your customers using special short-code Customizable templates (email, myaccount and short-code) to fitting the way how

WooCommerce Custom Price Plugin – Pay Your Price

 Increase your product sales by empowering your customers to offer a price for your product. If the offered price is within the defined range the customer can add to cart and purchase product. If the price is outside min & max price range, then display a custom error message.

WooCommerce Geolocation Plugin – IP Based Products Filter

 WooCommerce geolocation plugin lets you block products, categories, CMS pages or whole store for specific customers. You can restrict specific IP, country, and region from the back office. This plugin also detects IP address of your website visitors automatically, so you can easily restrict the unwanted customers by their IPs. You can also display any

GDPR For WooCommerce – Anonymized WooCommerce Order

 This plugin allows WooCommerce Store owner to give a choice to heir customer that after purchase they can anonymised their personal data from order data storage.

Woocommerce Password Protected Products, Categories or Shop Plugin

 WooCommerce Password Protect is the only plugin that allows you to private your whole shop, specific categories or products. You can create a password and hide the desired content from public and share the password to only specific people. WooCommerce Password Protect Plugin Features: Password protect whole shop, specific products or categories Show a custom

Additional Variation Images Plugin for WooCommerce

  You might have noticed that WooCommerce Product Variation lacks something essential. That is the ability to add multiple images on a product variation. That means that when a customerselects a size / color in your shop, he will only see one image of the product. Wouldn’t be nice if you could add an entire

WooCommerce Private Store Plugin | Shop for Registered User Only

 Force your store visitors to login / register in order to access your online shop. Block access to complete store or selective products, categories or CMS pages. B2B solution for your store to avoid unnecessary people from viewing your product catalog unless they are loggedin. WooCommerce Private Shop plugin does not effect your Google rankings