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WooCommerce Out of Stock product with Facebook Messenger

        Description WooCommerce Out of Stock product with Facebook Messenger allows customers to easily exchange information of out-of-stock product with shop owner quickly. Key Features – Easy setup and easy to use. – Help you clients easily make contact with your business via Facebook Messenger. – Your customers find it convenient more exchange

Advanced Easy Shipping For WooCommerce

 WooCommerce Advanced Easy Shipping Plugin helps make Shipping process easy and convenient for E-commerce Store owners. The plugin makes it easier by offering different options to decide shipping rates based on different criteria. The plugin allows you to make different shipping rate based on certain conditions. I.e., Cart, Location, Cart Specific, User. In addition to

Mini Bulk Price

 Increase or decrease all prices, regular and on sale, of any products in WooCommerce with a bulk action! Simple & Intuitive Bulk increase/decrease price for simple and variable products Bulk percentage increase/decrease price for simple and variable products Update the price list or only the sale price Increase/decrease only on certain categories Increase/decrease only on

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

 WooCommerce membership plugin allows store owners to create unlimited membership plan & restrict posts or taxonomy terms with specific membership plan. The membership plans can be purchased with WooCommerce products. The membership plan is assigned a product on the purchase of that product the membership plan is assigned to user. The user can then access

WooCommerce Product Availability Slots Plugin

 WooCommerce product availability slots plugin allows store owners to make products purchasable or unpurchasable for specific time. Admin can set multiple time slots for the availability of the products in each days of the week. The product will be purchasable or unpurchasable according to the time slots set in the backend settings. The products with

WooCommerce Product Document Plugin

 WooCommerce product document plugin allows store owners to assign multiple documents to the products, the assigned documents can be shown on the product page, orders, or thank you page. The product documents can be restricted to with product page, after purchase of the product the document can be downloaded by the customers. Supports all type

WooCommerce Product Addons – Ultimate Product Options Plugin

 WooCommerce addons – Ultimate product options plugin allows store owners to create unlimted product options & assign the options to the products, the plugin supports up to 9 addon fields to create the options. The admin can charge the customers for each product addon field. The product addon fields are displayed on the product page

WooCommerce Butcher Calculator

 WooCommerce Butcher Calculator-if you’re searching for a smart, simple tool that allows you to easily create price estimation of your animal butchery, to give your clients the opportunity to get information about your services and products costs you are in the right place. WooCommerce Butcher Calculator lets you to calculate the animal cost for, spices,

WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator)

 WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Products Estimator) lets you to enter your specification and add all items you need as per your calculation in cart at once. WooCommerce Paint Calculator (Bulk Product Estimator) plugin add multiple product at once in cart according to your measurement calculation, you just need to tell the area in m2 it

WooCommerce Waiting List

 WooCommerce Waiting List WooCommerce Waiting List module can build up a waiting list of people wanting the unavailable item, then notify these customers automatically when products come back in stock. You’ll see your sales and your customers’ satisfaction increase. Admin will be able to plan a pre-launch for some products and create a mailing list