eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Fly to Cart Effect + Ajax add to cart

 Overview What is it? A plugin for your WooCommerce store, which makes it so that when you click on “Add to cart” the product visually “flies” and goes into the cart. So what do I get? An awesome configurable visual effect. Amazing user experience. Ajaxified “Add to cart” button which works in the catalog and

WooCommerce Gate2Shop Payment Gateway

 Features Multi-Currency Secure, Fast and Reliable Checkout Process. Option to set Merchant Id. Option to set Merchant Site Id. Option to set Secret Key. Option to set Item Name / Description. Option to set Merchant Locale. Option to set Your Success URL. Option to set Your Cancel URL. Option to set auto update order status

WOOEXIM – WooCommerce Product Export Import Plugin

 WOOEXIM is a quick easy and essential WooCommerce product to Export & Import your store products. You can export all the products or the product according the selected category in the plugin interface to a CSV file. Exported CSV file will be stored in your WordPress site as Archive you can download it any time.

Magento Shortcodes

 Magento Shortcodes for WordPress allows you to display Magento products, layout blocks, and static blocks in your WordPress site using shortcodes. You can use the Shortcode generator button to create your shortcodes, making it easier than ever to show your local Magento products, layout blocks, or static blocks on your WordPress website. Your Magento and

Woo Email Preview

 Trying to skin and/or adjust emails sent by your WooCommerce e-store, but can not see actual change before email is sent? This plugin is right for you! It uses powerful AJAX mechanism to generate and display WooCommerce email templates instantly in your admin dashboard. You don’t have to send real email anymore to see how

CPT Shopify Embed Plugin

 Easily embed Shopify products directly into your own website with a simple shortcode and Products API query. This plugin is written for people with basic knowledge of the Shopify API. It greatly simplifies the means of embedding Shopify products directly into your site’s pages and posts. In order to use this plugin, you must have

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro

 WooCommerce Custom Order Status Pro Create custom order status in your WooCommerce store to handle orders more efficiently and smoothly. It redefines the order life-cycle stages in your online store and brings more flexibility as required in the business. For example, you can create custom order status like ‘Shipping’ to categorize an order as Shipped,

WooCommerce Custom PayPal

 WooCommerce Custom PayPal Plugin is an extension of WooCommerce which can be used to set up different PayPal Receivers on Product Level and Category Level. In other words you can set up WooCommerce such that the payments for different Products and Categories are received by different PayPal accounts (People). The Buyers will still go through

JC WooCommerce Set Your Price

 JC WooCommerce Set Your Price plugin allows users to pay what they want for your product as long as that price is above the specified minimum price. Evaluate product prices by setting how much you think a product is worth and let customers decide how much they are willing to pay, generate reports based on

Woocommerce SMS to customer

 Send easily SMS to your WooCommerce customers Most of the included SMS gateways offer a free trial, so you will be able to test features before purchasing any balance ! When your trial balance is 0 you need to start paying the third party SMS Gateway that you choose. Easy configuration First choose an API,