eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Legalize – Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Generator

 If you want to have a good Privacy Policy or a Terms of Service page on your website, you can hire a lawyer and pay him a lot of money to make you your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages. This method is truly expensive. Or, with another very used method, you can cut

Gallery Album Pro For WooCommerce

 Gallery Album Pro For WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin allow is a WordPress plugin allow photo albums in gallery, replacement of woocommerce gallery. Features There is no limitation to the number of albums, photos, videos, maps. Support Google Maps. Support Youtube and Vimeo. Responsive 100% Possibility to display the number of the images in the

Woo Smart Bundle – WooCommerce Product Bundles

 Woo Smart Bundle is a plugin help you bundle a few products together, offer them at a discount. Features AJAX search & pick products Set quarity for each product Auto calculate regular price Support variable product Show bundled products in many positions

WooCommerce Floating Cart

 An Interactive WooCommerce Floating Cart that slides in when the user decides to buy an item. The cart is fully customizable right from WordPress Customizer with Live Preview. Products, quantities and prices are updated instantly via Ajax. Features Apply Google Fonts Change Cart Position Change Counter Position Custom Colors / Backgrounds Custom Icons (SVG /

Mega Products WooCommerce

 SW Mega Products is a great WooCommerce plugin for showing products within your web page. The products will be divided into columns that your can easily set to show as many products as you want. This WooCommerce Mega Products supports an easy-to-use configuration that covers all features and allows you to tweak every details of

Woo Custom and Sequential Order Number

 Woo Custom and Sequential Order Number plugin has been conceived to solve one of the most annoying problems for the e-commerce owners. Bypassing the issue of the custom and sequential numeration for every kind of created element (both articles or products), the plugin grants you a superior control over a consecutive numeration for the created

Product Pinning Tooltip for WooCommerce

 A powerful plugin and a lot of benefits for your website. It’s suitable for many types of business, machinery, technical equipments, fashion, electronics, printing … etc. Your product has many details to describe, you need to split the images for each department, will take a lot of your time and website space, your customers will

Product Bundles – Combo Packs Pro For WooCommerce

 Product Bundles – Combo Packs Pro For WooCommerce is probably the most straightforward WooCommerce extension for creating configurable product packages: With Bundles you can quickly build complex products or create simple discount combos by mixing simple and variable products.

Combo WooCommerce wishlist & Compare plugin

 Combo WooCommerce wishlist & Compare plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allow your users to compare some products of your shop and add product in wishlist. All products are saved in one complete table where the user can see the difference between the products. Each product features can be set with the WooCommerce

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