eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Embed Products

 WooCommerce Embed Products offers an easy way to integrate products from a WooCommerce shop into your website. Plugin features A shortcode to display a single product A shortcode to display a list of products Shortcodes are customizables Products are displayed with name, picture and price Optimized with WordPress native caching feature

WooCommerce WorldPay Payment Gateway

  The WorldPay WooCommerce Plugin provides solution for all E-commerce Bussiness. WorldPay payment integration which enables payment processing through an existing merchant account. The Plugin supports secure credit card payment including callback functionality.Worldpay Accept debit and credit card payments online and in multiple currencies.No PCI DSS Certification is needed, since all payment data is transmitted

WooCommerce Stripe Test Mode Session by GetMogul

 Enable the WooCommerce Stripe Test Mode for the current user session from the URL, useful for admins to be able to place orders in test mode, while the rest of users can place orders in live mode. Key Feature Simply enable in the Stripe settings, add a parameter to the URL, and now you can

WooCommerce Add to Cart button manipulation

 WooCommerce Add to Cart button manipulation is a tool which allows you to have better control over “Add to Cart” button on your WooCommerce site which means you can disable “Add to Cart” button for specific product, or set date range during which product is purchasable. So for example you can have products which can

WooCommerce Simplified Checkout

  Overview WooCommerce Simplified Checkout plugin is allow users to easily order their products by Email or Phone number and by Email too. Key features User can checkout with their email and add shipping/billing details after placing order. User can checkout with their email and phone number at checkout page and add shipping/billing details after

Age Check – WordPress Plugin

 Age Check Description Age Check WordPress plugin is perfect plugin if your website is age restricted. You can use it for adult restricted websites and also for child restricted websites. Age Check plugin works as age verification system for wordpress websites. This plugin is is useful for websites related with alcholic beverages, nudity, violence, gambling,

Exit Coupon – WordPress Plugin

 Exit Coupon for WordPress Description Exit Coupon is an useful wordpress plugin which can improve your conversion rate. If you have a wordpress site which sale something, you can now to offer a coupon to the users which want to leave your website. This plugin detects exit intent and show a modal popup with a

WooCommerce Cash On Pickup

 WooCommerce Cash On Pickup will add the payment gateway “Cash on Pickup” in your WooCommerce store. Payment name, description, image and much more can be changed through the WooCommerce settings page. Features Extra payment option “Cash on Pickup” (or any name you want) Set a default order status when a ‘cash on pickup’ order is

Customize Product Pages By Product Categories For Visual Composer

 Description. With this plugin, you are free to customize your product page in a unique style that no longer feels bound by woocommerce. To use this plugin, you must have plugin Visual Composer as a an conditioner decided. Features + Just drag and drop interface without code. + You will have product page in your