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WooCommerce PDF Vouchers : Import Voucher Codes add-on

  Note: This is an add-on. You must have at least WooComerce PDF Vouchers v3.8.15 to use it. WooCommerce PDF vouchers: Import Voucher Codes add-on allows you to import and validate the voucher codes in bulk. Now, no needs to place manual orders to migrate and validate the voucher codes. Change Log: = version 1.0

WooCommerce Order History Communication

 WooCommerce Order History Communication The plugin facilitates the customers to ask order related queries to the admin. The customers can contact the store owner for a particular order from the Orders section. This module helps the customer to send and receive messages along with the file attachments and keep the conversation history records. Furthermore, it

WooCommerce Dimension Search

 WooCommerce Dimension Search, allows your users to search by the built in height, length, width and SKU / Product number. With WooCommerce Dimension Search, you easily extend your online webshop. By adding a dimension search area. Which helps your customers, finding the right products and thereby increase sales! The search area is customizable, so you

PS WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup

  PS WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allow your users to add “add to cart”. add to cart popup open in single product page and shop page Enabled/ Disabled option for Enabled this option to display poup up on mobile Enabled/ Disabled option for Display product name,image,quantity.

AJAX SEARCH for WooCommerce and WordPress

  The AJAX SEARCH for Woocommerce plugin is a very powerful and easy to use tool that converts a simple search input into a powerful multifunctional live search box without refreshing the page. It helps your customers search for more products and you sell more products. The AJAX SEARCH for Woocommerce plugin allows your users

Rating Stars Messages for WooCommerce

 Rating Stars Messages for WooCommerce allow you to create flexible and catchy messages on the product page based on product rating. This creates engagement and positive mood to the customer and help you increase sales. Plugin can be used both as a complete rating stars replacement or as an addition to it. There are a

SKU Shortlink For WooCommerce

 This handy plugin might just be what you have searched for. It will create URL Aliases for your WooCommerce products so you could still have your nicely Search Engine Optimized links and at the same time completely custom SKU based URLs for use in Social Media and e-quotes still linking to the same product.[product_sku]

WooCommerce Sale Countdowns & Triggers

  Ever heard about dark pattern in eCommerce? No? Then you should definitely continue reading. Dark pattern are used in eCommerce since years and are well common. Even though some people judge them, many big brands like or uses them. Some examples your might have seen during your own shopping experience: Sale Countdown

WooCommerce Bulk Coupons Editing

  WooCommerce Bulk Coupons Editing Plugin Some of stores impress their customers through grant a discount for that, there are some different ways to apply discount over product. Consider, you want to add some codes in your sore for specific products or maybe you’ve added some coupon in your shop and now you want to

WooCommerce Facebook Chatbot – Sales Channel

  What is the WooCommerce Facebook Chatbot? WooCommerce Facebook Chatbot is a useful plugin that creates a specific Facebook Chatbot on your WooCommerce Store. The Facebook Chatbot can chat with your customers, respond to particular questions, and provide suggestions about your WooCommerce as you want. The plugin also provides users with many tools to create