eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Amazon Bestseller

 Amazon Bestseller for WordPress uses the Amazon Product API and displays a bestseller list on your WordPress posts and pages. You can easily use the plugin on several pages including different categories and lengths Features Automatic updates via your WordPress dashboard supported Use the [amazon] shortcode and display your desired Amazon bestseller list Create bestseller

Woocommerce License Manager

 Introducing to Woocommerce license manager The Woocommerce license manager plugin is a alternative sale model, it is suitable if your online store sell game license, itunes card, phone card, serial codes, keys, PIN. The module will deliver license automatically after customers purchase product. The workflow of module Admin (shop manager) add licenses for product named

Royal Mail & Parcelforce Shipping for WooCommerce

 The Royal Mail & Parcelforce Shipping Method plugin for WooCommerce will get real-time rates from our own API. The plugin work with domestic and international package. Works with any dimensions and any weight units. Features NEW Box Packing feature, add boxes and it will calculate which box and how much box to use. Works with

WP Anti Hack File Monitor

 Hackers are attacking the websites to modify it’s code and perform malicious activities. For example they likes to force the website to send spam e-mails. They modify the files so these actions are performed in the background. In some cases you won’t even notice that your website were hacked because it acts normally. This is

WooCommerce Coupon Message

 WooCommerce Coupon Message allows you to show a custom message (or any content) to the customer when they apply a coupon during cart / checkout process. You can use this plugin to show details of the coupon, terms of use, additional offers or anything else that will help customers and increase conversion. Each coupon can

Magento Category Listing

 Magento Category Listing for WordPress allows you to use a simple shortcode to display a responsive, paginated category listing of Magento products within your WordPress content. The plugin comes with an easy-to-use shortcode generator, and allows you to modify a number of parameters, including columns, products-per-page, button colours, and much more; perfect for integrating seamlessly

Custom Thank You Pages Per Product for WooCommerce

 The custom thank you page for WoCommerce lets you specify a custom thank you page per product. You can link to other WordPress pages or you can link to a custom URL outside of your website. – Link to WordPress Pages – Link to custom URL’s outside of your website – If your customer has

WP Woo Visual Cart

 PRESENTATION This unique WordPress plugin adds a visual cart on your Woocommerce website. When a customer adds a product to the cart, he literally sees the product go into the cart. When he clicks on the cart link, instead of going directly on the cart page, the visual cart is showed without page reloading. Products

WooCommerce Surf To Discount

 WooCommerce Surf To Discount  automatically  creates a discount  coupon for each user(only for logged users or both for registered and unregistered users) based on different product groups such as categories, attributes or tags. Every day your customers will benefit from various discounts on various products. This will enhance interest in your website and will ensure

Woocommerce Rapid Stock Manager

 Features Simple Products Set/adjust stock simple products Display all simple products Clean and simple layout to see all your variants in one row. Total items for that row Link to the main product Instant update without loading page Search filter to help find what you product Tool tip information regarding about the product Notification if