eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Quick Edit Products

 Woocommerce Quick Edit Products If you are unsure if this plugin can help you, please ask us before purchasing. With this plugin you can quick edit woocommerce products all on one page. Including simple products, and products based on variations. You can display all products, or just display products based on a category. You can

PayPal Offline Payment for WooCommerce

 About PayPal Offline Payment for WooCommerce WooCommerce is an awesome plugin for eCommerce solution. Though it has many functionality but it also has certain limitations; for some special reason/cases a bit addition is needed in WooCommerce to make it works even better. PayPal Offline Payment for WooCommerce is one of the plugin that will help

Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce

 Google Address Autocomplete for WooCommerce simplifies the checkout process helping your customers to enter their address with the Google Places suggest API.You make them save time and prevent typing errors. Demo is available here : (just add a product to cart and go to checkout) Please consider trying it with countries you are making

WP e-Commerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin

 WP e-Commerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin “WP e-Commerce Car/Parts Filter Plugin” is the best plugin for Vehicle or Vehicle Parts Website. Admin can show filter plugin on Sidebar or Footer widget. Admin can add Make and Model from backend and also add each product Make, Model and Year. Admin can add multiple Model and multiple Year

Woocommerce Sales Map

 Using Google maps now you can show on which part of the world you have sold products Give your potential customers more security by showing that you have sold everywhere and even near their location Select if you want to be precise per city or per country Easily add the shortcode via the WordPress editor

WooCommerce Product Colorizer

 WooCommerce Buy Selected is a WooCommerce e-store extension that expands the customer interface and makes shopping even more convenient and user-friendly than before. The extension adds quantity fields to products of simple type on product lists as well as a “Buy selected” button located below the products. Clicking the button will add to your cart

PayPal PRO Payment Terminal

 PayPal PRO Payment Terminal WordPress is a wordpress plugin designed to make it easy for you to accept payments and subscriptions on your wordpress site. You can create services (one-time or recurring, with trial periods) and assign them to payment buttons which then can be placed anywhere on your site. There are 42 pre-set button

Related Products Widget for WooCommerce

 “WooCommerce Related Products Widget” is a jquery based wordpress plugin which is used to show the WooCommerce related products with various sliding effects based on the current viewing product’s related category or product tag. And if the viewing product does not have a corresponding related product then it will show the latest products there. This

WooCommerce One Page Shopping

  WooCommerce One Page Shopping is an e-store extension that allows for faster checkout than ever before. One Page Shopping will allow users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a separate checkout page. After the user adds an item to their cart, the checkout fields appear at the bottom of the

 Ever wanted to brag about your orders. This plugin will make that possible by showing on a widget : how many orders you received today how total orders you received in total last order date and to increment those values manually You can add specific additional amount to both parts ( today orders , total