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WooCommerce Phone Verification by RingCaptcha with SMS Notifications

 WOOCOMMERCE PHONE VERIFICATION BY RINGCAPTCHA NOW WITH SMS NOTIFICATION FEATURES This will add phone verification upon checkout using RingCaptcha API. By Default WooCoommerce dont have Phone Verification So literally you can’t verify the phone if its real or not. Well not anymore “WooCommerce Phone Verification by RingCaptcha”will solve that problem for you, all you have

Woocommerce Products Designer


Ultimate WooCommerce Slider

 Key Features Shortcode support for posts/pages usage Easy Widget Creation Multiple sliders per post/page Fully customizable with ton of options Category filtering Option to display featured products only Responsive sliders Multiple browsers support Multople devices support Touch enabled Drag enabled Ready for translation

Woocommerce Post Locker

 This Plugin Allow you Lock your Post or Pages with WooCommerce Product, which means content will not be unlocked unless user purchase a product. If you think your written content or knowledge is worth buying? Try this Post/Page Locker integrated with WooCommerce. It checks to make sure the user is logged in, and has purchased

WooCommerce Tax Toggle

 About the WooCommerce Tax Toggle This extension allows you to easily toggle between the taxed price and the untaxed price. The toggle is automatically added as a floating button on the left hand side of the site. This extension allows the customer to select whether they want to view your WooCommerce products price including tax

Zombaio Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

 Woocommerce Zombaio is a payment gateway plugin that extends Woocommerce, allowing you to take payments via Zombaio.

SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System

 SUMO Reward Points is a Complete WooCommerce Loyalty Reward Points System. Reward your Customers using Reward Points for Product Purchase, Writing Reviews, Sign up, Referrals, Social Promotion (Facebook like, Twitter tweet, Google+ share and on your site etc. The earned Reward Points can be redeemed for future purchases. SUMO Reward Points offers the flexibility

WooCommerce Custom Super Bowl Helmet Designer

 WooCommerce Custom Helmet Design “WooCommerce Custom Helmet Design” is a WP WooCommerce plugin which is used to Design or personalized any kind of helmets such as bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets, racing helmets, sports helmet, cricket helmets, baseball helmet, rock climbing helmet, horse racing helmet, flight helmet, construction helmet, protective helmet etc. By this plugin customer

WooCommerce Product Views

 WooCommerce Product Views An extension for WooCommerce which allows you see which users have looked at your products and whether or not they have purchased them. Boost sales by finding out if the user proceeded with checkout, whether they have just viewed your item, added it to the cart or even purchased it! Features Quick

WooCommerce Product Configurator

 The WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin is a fantastic addition to your WooCommerce store. Let’s set the scene: You sell variable products that the user can configure, let’s say sunglasses. The user can choose a colour for the main frame, left arm, right arm, and a lens type. There are 3 different lens types and 4