eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce PayPal Adaptive Preapproval Payment

 PayPal Adaptive Preapproval Payment is a WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugin. Using this Plugin, Payment can be Preapproved by customer and can be charged later. Once the Payment is approved it can be collected either manually by clicking a button which triggers the Pay Call or automatically using cron job. PayPal Preapproval payment uses PayPal Adaptive

Exit Offer for Woocommerce

 Exit Offer for Woocommerce Maximum web store visitors just visit online store and many of them will never return. So it will be big opportunity to reintroduce those visitors by giving some offers. This offer will encourages them to stay and make a purchase from your store. “Woocommerce Exit Offer plugin” displays the exit popup

Woocommerce Request a Review

 When buying online, one the the things that will influence a buyer into purchasing a product is what other buyers of the same product have to say. However, getting a review for a product can be difficult as buyers pretty much forget about placing a review once they have their item. The plugin aims to

Product Category List for WooCommerce

 Product Category List for WooCommerce – current version 1.1 available for download! WordPress 4.0 Ready! Are you the one who looking for Product Categories management? The version you have may be too difficult and bringing this kind of questions… The given themes or widgets are not able to display correct product category, aren’t they? How to

Compare Products with WooCommerce

 Add additional features to your products and compare them against other items side by side in a clean, organized table using the plugin Compare Products for WooCommerce. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, add, modify, or delete a category or product feature, all without leaving the settings page. Features can also be

Easy Empty Cart in WooCommerce

 Easy Empty Cart in WooCommerce extension allows your customers to empty the shopping cart at once from the cart page of the store. This extension has been specially designed to ease the customers shopping experience by allowing them to empty the cart at once from the cart page. With this extension a new Empty Cart

Woocommerce PrePurchase

 Woocommerce PrePurchase v1.7 Woocommerce PrePurchase is a Woocommerce extension that adds the ability of selling on your store products that are not yet available but you would like to list on your store so that customers can pay for it in full or simply pay using the charge me later? payment gateway pending the availability for WooCommerce is an up and coming payment provider in Germany. Buy online and pay cash in one of 3000 retail stores of dm, real, Telekom or mobilcom debitel. This Plugin adds the payment gateway to the check-out process in WooCommerce. After checking out with the customer can either print out an receipt or

Optimal Payments Netbanx Gateway

 Trusted online payments service provider which allows merchants to accept multiple payment types worldwide. Merchants around the world rely on NETBANX to accept payments from other businesses and consumers on their websites. Every payment is processed via a secure online gateway with extensive risk management functionality to minimise fraud exposure and liabilities.