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Stripe Payment Gateway For EDD Payment Gateway For EDD


WooCommerce Dropshippers

 Want to make your WooCommerce the perfect dropshipping platform? Look no further! WooCommerce Dropshippers is a WordPress plugin that makes your e-commerce dropshipper-ready. No more compromises, no more tentative solutions, this is the one and only fully functional dropshipping platform for WooCommerce! With WooCommerce Dropshippers an administrator can assign to an user the custom role

WooCommerce Engine and Fuel Filter Plugin

 WooCommerce Engine and Fuel Filter Plugin “WooCommerce Engine and Fuel Filter Plugin” is the best plugin for Vehicle or Vehicle Parts Website or car engine or Fuel website. Admin can show filter plugin on Sidebar or Footer widget or admin can use shortcode [car-engine-fuel] to any page. Admin can add Make, model, year, engine and

WooCommerce Mpower Payment

 WooCommerce MPower Payment Gateway is a payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce. It allows you to accept payments via MPower. MPower cooperates with Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards and Debit cards. This means that you can easily take Credit Card payments as well as direct payments via any of the associated banks. When the order goes

WooCommerce Customer VIP Profile

 WooCommerce Customer VIP Profile This plugin provides important data for shop managers about their users. It allows you do discover what your customers are buying, their favorite categories, create coupons specially for their needs, and more! Features All the following data are viewed per customer, in a customer profile. View Customer’s most bought products, per

AJ WooCommerce Privacy Mode

 With this WooCommerce Extension you can set privacy options for users that are not logged in. For example, you can hide products price or customers reviews from users all with a few simply steps. With the Privacy Mode plugins you can: Show the products price only to logged in users Disable the price and the

WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information

 WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information “WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information” is the best plugin for show the unlimited products information individually. “WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information” plugin is fully customizable by admin. Admin can add unlimited feature for a product from product entry page. Just insert a title and write necessary text (link also if admin want) for

Product password protector

 A simple plugin for WooCommerce, that can be used to enable password protection for your products, like general or individual for each product, of course if password request is enabled. So if administrator enable password protection for some product – the user will be proposed to enter a product password to purchase it. To change

WooCommerce Gift Wrap Order

 WooCommerce Gift Wrap Order Version 3.75.81 – offers to your Shop Customers gift wrapping for the orders in your store. You can define as many gift wrapping styles as your prefer, set the price ,different prices or free gift wrapping . Can be added images that show to customers what the gift wrap they can