eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Order SMS Notification

 This is a WooCommerce add-on. By Using this plugin admin and buyer can get notification about their order via sms using different SMS gateways. The WooCommerce Order SMS Notification plugin for WordPress is very useful, when you want to get notified via SMS after placing an order. Buyer and seller both can get SMS notification

Simple Inquiry Shopping Cart

 Inquiry cart for WordPress brings you a simple way to add all your products into your WordPress site and showcase them nicely. People can inquiry about your products after adding them to a cart. Perfect for merchants who cannot process payments online for various reasons but still want to generate order inquiries through the web.

Add Multiple Products To Cart in WooCommerce

 The ‘Add Multiple Products To Cart’ WooCommece extension makes shopping a one-click process and works perfectly in cases where customization of products or their quantities is involved. It gives an option to the customers to make their shopping quick, thus saving on time and effort. It makes the tools required for this simplification available to

Cart2CRM – Woocommerce and SugarCRM integration

 Cart2CRM – Syn data between WordPress and SugarCRM Using Woocommerce Plugin. Cart2CRM provide the ability to connect and sync customer data and order data between a WordPress (using the WooCommerce plugin) and a SugarCRM account. Features: SugarCRM Panel Connection Settings Integration Field Mapping Report

Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce

 Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce allows you to display your product prices with our without taxes, depending on your visitors’ country, and to pre-select checkout country automatically. When you sell internationally, customers can get confused by the prices, as they might contain VAT/Tax which doesn’t apply to every sale. Also, some customers overlook the

Woocommerce Product Labeling

 Add labels to featured images of your products in WooCommerce. From the products edit page you can configure it. 1.- Choose a label to show (if empty, not label is shown) 2.- Select a predefined class, or a custom class to create your own style. 3.- If you have chosen the custom class, then set

WooCommerce Conditional Featured Image

 This plugin allows you to display a featured image of a product depending on what category the product is being viewed in. CONDITIONAL BASED ON CATEGORIES Select what category you want to set the condition for and then assign a featured image, when the customer views the product through the shop page, and the set

WooCommerce Flip Product Image

 WooCommerce Flip Product Image is a plugin that makes your product images flip! 1 minute installation possibility to choose what image to flip choose between over 60 flipping animations

WooCommerce Coupons by Location

 Offer coupons valid for locations of your choice. WooCommerce Coupons by Location restricts coupons by customer’s billing or shipping country, state, city, zip, pin code or postal code. According to research, customers convert more when offered a discount. Additionally, offering location aware, contextual offers significantly boosts conversion rates. In short, you can get double increase

Woocommerce Tabs Pro: Extra Tabs for Product Page