eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Customer VIP Profile

 WooCommerce Customer VIP Profile This plugin provides important data for shop managers about their users. It allows you do discover what your customers are buying, their favorite categories, create coupons specially for their needs, and more! Features All the following data are viewed per customer, in a customer profile. View Customer’s most bought products, per

AJ WooCommerce Privacy Mode

 With this WooCommerce Extension you can set privacy options for users that are not logged in. For example, you can hide products price or customers reviews from users all with a few simply steps. With the Privacy Mode plugins you can: Show the products price only to logged in users Disable the price and the

WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information

 WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information “WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information” is the best plugin for show the unlimited products information individually. “WooCommerce Unlimited Product Information” plugin is fully customizable by admin. Admin can add unlimited feature for a product from product entry page. Just insert a title and write necessary text (link also if admin want) for

Product password protector

 A simple plugin for WooCommerce, that can be used to enable password protection for your products, like general or individual for each product, of course if password request is enabled. So if administrator enable password protection for some product – the user will be proposed to enter a product password to purchase it. To change

WooCommerce Gift Wrap Order

 WooCommerce Gift Wrap Order Version 3.75.81 – offers to your Shop Customers gift wrapping for the orders in your store. You can define as many gift wrapping styles as your prefer, set the price ,different prices or free gift wrapping . Can be added images that show to customers what the gift wrap they can

KWoo Integration

 Features included Subscribe automatically all your WooCommerce customers to newsletters at checkout. Apply your coupons to a Mailing List. Configuration options Subscription feature: Enable this feature. Enable not ask the customers about their subscription. Select Mailing List into customers are subscribed. The option default state to subscribe to newsletters at checkout. The label text for

Woocommerce Color or Image Variation Swatches

 Plugin Features Supports Color or Image Select , Radio Select And Dropdown Select Mix Color or Image Select with Radio Select and Default Dropdown Select Global Color or Image Values for Attributes Works on Mobile Devices Option to use custom attribute label Different sizes of swatch from small to large. Square as well as round


 Overview What this plugin does is quite simple. It harnesses the power of Pinterest rich pins to rake in more sales,social sharing and updates for your store.It is undoubtedly the best Pinterest marketing tool for your store as it’s like running another instance of your store on Pinterest. Your very own store on Pinterest Pinterest

WooCommerce Quote

 WooCommerce Quote converts customer’s cart into a professional PDF Quote in just a single click. WooCommerce Quote turns the cart contents of your WooCommerce online store into a downloadable PDF which can be used as a quote or an estimate by your customers. It adds a “Download Quote” button next to the WooCommerce cart page

Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual Composer

 Missing shortcodes for Woocommerce in Visual Composer? No problem, this is a simple plugin which purpose is to add just that. Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual Composer is not compatible with the new visual composer as this finctionality is already included, however if you are still using an older (4.3.5 or lower) version of Visual Composer