eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Admin Category Tree

 WooCommerce Admin Category Tree plugin allows you to list wooCommerce categories and subcategories in accordion tree display inside the admin area for much more convenient management of your wooCommerce shop categories. This plugin comes with drag & drop features to help you manage your shop Category Tree with ease, along with all the standard category

StoreKit – WooCommerce for Layers

 STOREKIT FEATURE & BENEFIT SUMMARY StoreKit boosts your store’s conversions with powerful tools and enhancements. 3 great new widgets which let you showcase products in your unique way Product List Widget Product Slider Widget Product Categories Widget Customize standard WooCommerce elements Menu Cart display customization Shop Page customization Product Page customization Category header background uploader

WooSubscriptions – Subscriptions for WooCommerce

 WooSubscriptions is a Subscription Extension for WooCommerce. Using this plugin you can Create and Sell Subscription Products in your existing WooCommerce Shop. WooSubscriptions supports Simple Subscription Products and Variable Subscription Products. Features Create and Sell Subscription products in your Existing WooCommerce Shop Simple Subscriptions and Variable Subscriptions Supported Automatic Payment using Inbuilt PayPal Subscription Payment

WordPress / WooCommerce Voting

 AP Voting Plugin allows voting on any product, post and page to User, Visitor and customer. when new vote is given on any product, post and page than notify via mail. Voting is based on fully ajax functionality when vote is given. AP Voting is provide give vote on All Post, Page and WooCommerce Product.

Woocommerce ajax cart pro

 By default, Woocommerce support ajax cart for simple product in case customers add items from catalog page. However, Woocommerce only support ajax cart feature for simple product. Our module enable ajax cart features for simple product, variable product , grouped product. Woocommerce Ajax cart product using ajax to cart cart from product detail page too.

Woocommerce Refer a Friend

 Referral marketing is important for online store. in order to encourage customers invite friends to buy items on your websites (via link or via email) and become members of your website,merchant can use our refer friend module . The refer friend plugin have many rich features. Customer (aka Affiliate) whom promote your website can share

WooCommerce Write a Review Reminder

 Automatically sends an email reminder to customer after specified amount of days, to write a review. After the customer has written the review for product and it is approved, they will receive a coupon for thank you automatically. The generated coupon needs a role model coupon, which can be configured via Coupons managements in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder

 WooCommerce Product Promotion / Reminder Plugin allows Admin and seller to send mail when new product is added or update exisitng one. This is best plugin for promoting your product via mail. This plugin Have many option to send mail like sent to users, customers and one extra functionality is importing mail list via CSV,

Frontend & Email Sales Reports

 Receive daily sales performance report by email from your WooCommerce store Your business success is a reflection of store’s sales performance. Save your time and get daily sales performance report by email! No need to login to your store. The Sygency Frontend & Email Sales Reports extension sends emails hourly, daily and twice daily, containing

Woocommerce Advanced Reports

 The woocommerce advanced report is plugin of Magenest that allow you to obtain more sales information than ever before. With this woocommerce plugin, admin can make report of item detail, customers role or attribute. Report is an very important function in ecommerce. Woocommerce by default have report function. However, we extends it by adding other