eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Gift Plugin

 Give Products allows you to give users a product without the checkout and order process. WooCommerce Gift Products is a plugin which allow site administrator or shop manager to create an order on behalf of any customer to send those specific products free of cost whiteout any hurdle like checkout process or payment option. It

WooCommerce Order Approval

 WooCommerce Order Approval plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce system allowing you to approve or reject orders placed by customers! LIVE DEMO (Shop admin account) user: demo pass: demo (Customer account) user: demo2 pass: demo How to automatically update the plugin To receive automatic updates just install and configure the Envato updater plugin:

WooCommerce AJAX File Upload (600+ filetypes)

 With WooCommerce File Upload your customers can upload files of any filetype (600+ filetypes) and any size at product level and attach it to their order. Set multiple filetypes from 600+ types WooCommerce File Upload comes with 600+ filetypes built in to allow your customers to upload different types of files. You can select which

WooSmart | Products Catalog and Showcase for WooCommerce

 WooSmart plugin is an Extension of WooCommerce to Showcase Products in attractive way in anywhere of your web-pages. More than fifteen smart layouts available to use and each layout has its own settings to let you customize as your needs. Moreover, Wishlist and Quick View features are available in all layouts which lets your users

WooCommerce Sequential Order

 WooCommerce Sequential Order is an addon for WooCommerce and this plugin extends the functionalities of WooCommerce . WooCommerce already create order number for each order but those orders are in random sequence. Using this WooCommerce sequence orders number plugin store owner can add suffix and prefix with the order. Sometime this is very annoying for

WooCommerce Flying Cart

 The WooCommerce Flying Cart plugin includes an icon that lets you open the cart popup and show the cart contents at any time. The icon floats on the page, meaning that it will always be available in the same position on the screen even if you scroll the page up or down or if you

WooCommerce AI – Up-Sell / Cross-Sell / Recommend / Mention Products

  WAI helps you increase the engagement of your website visitors by showing them automatic cross-sell and upsells – recommend and mention products that will help them browse and purchase more products from your store. WAI helps you to maximize revenue by suggesting relevant products to your potential customers. Increase your sales visibly by offering

WooCommerce Extra Fee or discount

 WooCommerce Extra Fee or discount plugin allow you to add extra fee or discount for any order based on payment method,shipping method, cart total price, cart total weight, cart total item, user roles. You can use this plugin for: add extra fee or discount based on payment method (For example $20 for cash on delivery)

WooCommerce Video Gallery Plugin

 WooCommerce Product Videos Gallery helps you add many videos for a product and linked to the featured image or product gallery images. WooCommerce Product Videos Gallery for WooCommerce allows you add a carousel in WooCommerce default Gallery section. It also comes with video slide thumb and horizontal gallery layouts and navigation support. Live demo: Visit