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Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert Plugin by CodeSpeedy

 Features of Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert Plugin This plugin can send different types of SMS for different order status. Below are the features of Nexmo WooCommerce SMS plugin: Send SMS after buyers order on WooCommerce store. Send payment complete SMS. Send order failed SMS. Send order complete sMs. Send order hold SMS. Send SMS for the canceled

WooCommerce Hotel Reservation Plugin

 Woocommerce Hotel Reservation plugin is a wonderful plugin that allows users to create booking for hotel, the price will be processed in real time according to customer’s requests. This plugin allows users to book their hotel by date, hourly basis and number of people. Features:- Woocommerce Hotel Reservation plugin has option to create bookable product.

Woocommerce SMS Manager – WSMS

 The Woocommerce SMS Manager – WSMS allows you to add SMS services for orders. Plugin allows you to manage layout of each SMS template. You can manage the SMS logs of the sent messages Controll enable / disable of each SMS. Integrate top sms providers with most easy procedure. Features: Easy to change the layout

Woo Auto Print Orders Pro

 Woo Auto Print Orders Pro is an all-in-one plugin for automating your WooCommerce Order Printing as well as sending beautiful PDF invoice emails to your customers. It supports the majority of printers linked with Google Cloud Print. You can print invoices and order slips on A4 to A8 size printers automatically. It also supports POS

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

 Create PDF Invoices for WooCommerce Your customers need PDF invoices – sometimes it’s required by law, sometimes it’s easier for them to upload PDFs into their booking system. Our WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin helps you and your customers to solve this problem automatically. With a few clicks your users will automatically get invoice PDFs attached

Woocommerce Orders on WhatsApp

 What is it & What does it do: Woocommerce Orders on Whatsapp is a Woocommerce addon. This plugin allows your customers to contact you and chat via Whatsapp directly from your Woocommerce products pages to the mobile/desktop. How does it work: The plugin adds a button on the Woocommerce product page so your customers can

POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce

 POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce This Item only works with Webkul’s POS System for WooCommerce. Hence the POS System for WooCommerce is Required, to make use of this Plugin. POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce quite beneficial for the admin as it reduces the workload of the admin. The admin can directly scan the

Marketplace Hyperlocal System for WooCommerce

 Marketplace Hyperlocal System for WooCommerce This Item only works with Webkul’s WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace. Hence the Marketplace Plugin is Required, to make use of this Plugin. Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce focuses on reaching out to a crowd of a particular area or around that area. This helps to study the temperament