eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Product Catalog Inquiry

 Introduction WooCommerce Product Catalog and/or Inquiry is a multi-purpose plugin to let you set all or selected products in catalog mode by revoking cart and optionally hiding product price. It also lets you receive inquiry for any product regardless of its catalog mode status by adding an inquiry cart to your store and showing inquiry

WooCommerce Easy Point System Packages DZS

  Intro Smart point system plugin for your WooCommerce shop. Your users can purchase a points package and get on shopping right away. Setup custom packages and discounts for your users, right from the wordpress control panel. Features Unlimited points pack – freely customize your plugin packs and assign points amount and price. Native woocommerce

WooCommerce Product View in AR (Augmented Reality) | 3D Product View

 Limited Time Deal – 24 Hours Flash Sale WooCommerce Product View in AR (Augmented Reality) | 3D Product View WooCommerce Product View in AR module enables augmented reality experience of the products into the store for the android as well as iOS users. It uses WebAR technology – an augmented reality experience that is held

WooCommerce Cart – Ajax, Floating, Slide-in, Popup Cart Plugin For WordPress

 WooCommerce Cart – Cart Plugin For WordPress WooCommerce Cart is a premium extension for WooCommerce that displays a fancy cart on different locations of your eCommerce store. It will allow your customers to quickly view the products that they have added to their bucket list. This can make your WooCommerce powered online store more effective

Bulk Discounts – WooCommerce Product Category Discount

  Bulk Discounts – WooCommerce Product Category Discount is the newest woocommerce discount plugin that comes with new features, easy to use interface, and created to increase your sales conversions. As you might know, discounts are a time-tested sales booster. There are many discount plugins for WooCommerce out there. But how do you know what’s

Wooprofil: Woocommerce Products Search and Filter WordPress Plugin

 Wooprofil is a Woocommerce Products Search and Filter WordPress Plugin. You can display a VERTICAL or HORIZONTAL filter form on your WordPress website. It has 2 built-in shortcodes in 8 designs to display VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL filter forms so that users can Search and Filter the Woocommerce products. Also it has 2 elements for the

Auction Lots for iBid Theme

 MT Auction Lots addon for iBid theme is finally here. The Auction Lots plugin will extend the current auctions functionalities from your iBid theme and will enable auction lots(Shared Timing or via Time Slots). Prerequisites: The   Auction Lots   plugin is fully compatible with Modeltheme’s   iBid Multivendor Auctions WordPress theme. All the required

StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce

 StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce helps the store owner to manage the inventory of the products. Using StockUpp, you can organize your sales, purchase orders, suppliers, shipments etc.  Using StockUpp Inventory Management for WooCommerce, the admin can perform purchase management functions to create the orders, purchase orders, request for the quote, manage incoming shipments, and update incoming

WooCommerce Product Open Pricing Plugin

  WooCommerce Product Open Pricing Plugin allows your customers to add price manually from a product page, Plugin has the option to set Fix or Open pricing for WooCommerce products. Features of WooCommerce Product Open Pricing Plugin Enable disable option for price input on shop, category and single product pages Option to set Fix or

WooCommerce Binary Multi Level Marketing [MLM]

 WooCommerce Binary Multi Level Marketing [MLM] Binary Multi-Level Marketing for WooCommerce allows the admin to add a binary MLM system to his online store. Using this system the admin will get a sponsor reference Id that two different customers can use to become a sponsor. To become a sponsor first have to place an order