eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Hats Virtual Try-on “WooCommerce plugin”

 Hats Virtual Try-on “WordPress / WooCommerce plugin”: allows visitors to try and compare Hats on your website then purchase the desired ones. By uploading their own images or taking snapshots with pc webcams or using their phones camera , Customers can see how they look like wearing your hats products and purchase the chosen ones

WooCommerce Support System

 Customer care is a very important part of our online store and a support service is essential to bring our e-commerce to the next level. WooCommerce Support System integrates into your WordPress site a simple and fast support system, which will allow your users to open ticket assistance for WooCommerce products purchased, then receiving a

Tie Finder “WooCommerce plugin”

 “WooCommerce Tie Finder plugin” is a virtual Try-on, it helps customers to try on Ties products and compare them derictly on your website then find and purchase the desired ones. By uploading their own images or taking snapshots with pc webcams or using their phones camera, Customers could see how they look like wearing your

iBen – Woo Bank Payment Display Options

 iBen – Woo Bank Payment Display Options is a premium plugin that works with WooCommerce only. This plugin allows you to customize the offline payment method of bank details on thank you page which is displayed after an order completed. You can sort, disable and customize the bank details elements. By default, WooCommerce is not

Faceproof – Boost Woocommerce Sales Instantly

 A Woocommerce plugin that displays your product recent customers next to the Add To Cart button. Powerful Woocommerce social proof method to increase conversion rate instantly. Just check by yourself from here : Faceproof Demo Key Features Boost Your Sales Increase Credibility No Configuration Needed ( Install it and let it do its magic )

WooCommerce Payment Method Conditions & Priorities


WooCommerce Shipping Method Conditions & Priorities


Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert Plugin by CodeSpeedy

 Features of Nexmo WooCommerce SMS Alert Plugin This plugin can send different types of SMS for different order status. Below are the features of Nexmo WooCommerce SMS plugin: Send SMS after buyers order on WooCommerce store. Send payment complete SMS. Send order failed SMS. Send order complete sMs. Send order hold SMS. Send SMS for the canceled

WooCommerce Hotel Reservation Plugin

 Woocommerce Hotel Reservation plugin is a wonderful plugin that allows users to create booking for hotel, the price will be processed in real time according to customer’s requests. This plugin allows users to book their hotel by date, hourly basis and number of people. Features:- Woocommerce Hotel Reservation plugin has option to create bookable product.

Woocommerce SMS Manager – WSMS

 The Woocommerce SMS Manager – WSMS allows you to add SMS services for orders. Plugin allows you to manage layout of each SMS template. You can manage the SMS logs of the sent messages Controll enable / disable of each SMS. Integrate top sms providers with most easy procedure. Features: Easy to change the layout