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Woocommerce Product Notifications

 Woocommerce product notifications. Display Cross-sell, Up-sell, Selected product, Category products, Same category products as notification and boost your product sells. Plugin Features Create unlimited numbers of woocommerce product notifications. Create notification for Cross-sell and Up-sell products. Create notification for Recently purchased products. Create notification for Selected Products. Create notification for Selected Category Products. Create notification

PSiGate Direct Payment Gateway for Gravity Forms

 Payment Services Interactive Gateway (PSiGate) empowers businesses on the Internet by providing secure, cost-effective and trusted eCommerce solutions. It provides Canadian and U.S Dollar merchant account to retailers across North America. This Plugin allows you to accept Payments through Gravity Forms Store using the PSiGate Merchant Account on your site. Important Notes : This Gateway

WooCommerce Export and Sync with MercadoLibre

 WooCommerce Export and Sync with MercadoLibre for WordPress See the changelog, below (in the footer). – You can have your WooCommerce products synchronized With MercadoLibre. – Manage everything in one place, maximize your time! Install our plugin. Create an APP in MercadoLibre console. Get your API Key and Secret Key. Choose the backend of the

Woocommerce 4account – MyAccount Customiser

  With 4account Customiser, you can style your Customer Myaccount area. Show your Orders as cards or default table. Frontend: Backend: user: demo psw: demo Important : You cant save in the demo Page backend.

GoCardless Pro

 THIS PLUGIN IS RECOMMENDED BY GOCARDLESS! About GoCardless Pro The GoCardless Pro plugin for WordPress allows you to easily integrate GoCardless’ low-cost 1% payment system with your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to create one-off payments, regular subscriptions, and payment mandates. This plugin works with GoCardless’ new Pro API. You do not need to

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Plugin

 The WooCommerce Multilevel Plugin is a WooCommerce Add-On Plugin. This plugin is best suited to WooCommerce store owners who wish to increase their sales through a referral chain. Users can earn credit points whilst their followers buy products from the existing online store. The credit points then can be redeemed at the time of personal

Woocommerce Invoice & Delivery (Packing Slip) PDF Template Builder Plugin

 Requires no technical knowledge. Just fill in some information of your, you will have a professional Woocommerce invoice & delivery (Packing slip) template matching your brand identity. All you have to do is pay one time for this plugin, no monthly cost. Document: BENEFITS Sales documents with well-design and layout can project a professional

WooCommerce Role Based UP / Cross Sell

 The Role Based UP / Cross Sells extension allows you to link products together based on the user role. Up-sells are products which you recommend instead of the currently viewed product, for example, products that are more profitable or better quality or more expensive. Depending on your site’s template these products will display on the

WooCommerce Report Modifier

 We’ve been using WooCommerce for years on our Store Locator Plus website but despite all the cool improvements we still did not get the data we needed out of the built-in reports. We finally broke down and spent a day coding new reports and modify existing ones to help our sales, support, and marketing staff.

Woocommerce Products View in Room Popup

 Woocommerce Products View in Room Popup : is a Woocommerce plugin that allows your customers to view your products in a room, Products like: Paintings, Windows, Doors, Wall decors, Televisions, etc .. It opens as popup window in the product single page, Customer can check how the product looks like inside a room, by selecting

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