eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Ultimate Woocommerce Delivery and Pickup date time

 Ultimate Woocommerce Delivery and Pickup date time is an order delivery date time plugin for WooCommerce store. This plugin turn your normal WooCommerce store into proper a food ordering / restaurant ordering system. Using this, customer can provide the expected shipping arrival date and time or pick up date and time for their orders Why

WooCommerce Shortcodes for Gutenberg

 What is the Gutenberg ? Gutenberg is available as part of WordPress 5.0 and later. Its more than an editor. While the project is currently focused on building the new editor for WordPress, it doesn’t end there. This lays the groundwork for a new model for WordPress Core that will ultimately impact the entire publishing

Twilio WooCommerce SMS Notifications and Account Activity SMS Alert

 Twilio WooCommerce SMS Notifications and Account Activity SMS Alert Plugin is made to integrate with Twilio SMS API to send SMS from your WooCommerce store. Sending SMS to customers from an online store can update them about their order which can increase the overall experience. In simple word, this plugin can send SMS to the

SumUp Payment Gateway For WooCommerce

 WooCommerce SumUp Payment Gateway plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to pay for your products via sumup account. Plugin Description Plugin Features Take payments which already created in WooCommerce via Sumup. Currency for payment in Woocommerce must be the same currency for sumup used account. Prerequisite settings for the plugin Woocommerce plugin. Plugin

Mix & Match Pro Add-on for Subscription Plugin

 Note: This plugin is an add-on that requires the woocommerce subscription plugin as well as woocommerce mix and match plugin by Progos to work. Increase your revenue with scheduled and constant payments and supervise your business growth on timely basis efficiently. Allow your customers to include subscription products in custom product boxes and place orders

WooCommerce Advance Product Label and Badge Pro

  Create product labels to increase visibility of your products, add information and increase conversion rate with just a few clicks! Key Features Easy to create label Offer count down label Display schedule Intelligent label Set flexible rules for label Drag and drop for set label position Version 1.1 Release Date 14.01.2019 ———————————————————————————— * Added

Essie Email and Order Status Creator for WooCommerce

  Build WooCommerce emails with HTML/CSS and Shortcodes • 90+ Easy-to-understand shortcodes to display customer, order and product data. • 11 Enhanced WooCommerce HTML emails are ready to use. • 1 Bonus custom HTML email. Just copy paste on the code editor. • Import XML file to setup sample emails and start coding quickly. •

WooCommerce MultiVendor Marketplace Reservation Plugin

 Woocommerce multivendor marketplace reservation plugin is an addon for crevol Multivendor marketplace plugin, which allow to vendor to add bookable product on the multivendor website.

WooCommerce Whats App Buyer Chat

 Whats app buyer Chat is excellent plugin for chatting between buyer and seller. Woocommerce whats app buyer chat plugin allow buyer to communicate directly to the admin and get instant reply on whats app from the admin.Buyer have option to chat on product details page and share option is also there. Features:- Woocommerce Whatsapp Buyer

WooCommerce Product Reviews Schema Plugin

 <section id=”introduction”> Introduction Bring out the full potential of schema markup for product ( This WooCommerce Product Reviews Schema Plugin is built so that you can inform Google about the unique quality of your WooCommerce site. This way, when a search engine crawls your site it can see all of your products and understand how