eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Smart Compare

 WooCommerce Smart Compare plugin is an extension of WooCommerce plugin that allows your users to compare some products of your shop. You can quickly access to the compare table (powerful AJAX without open new page or iframe), rearrange the compare products with drag/drop. ★ If you want to integrate this feature with exist compare button

Woo Advanced Product Shipping

 Features: Quick and easy installation. WooCommerce Per Simple Product, Variation Product, Product category and Product Tag wise set Multiple shipping Price.. You can Set shipping country, state and postcode Wise On Site. Two Type Shipping price You Can Set In The Product shipping. Item Tax ( This Type For Item Quantity multiply with shipping and

WooGeoProduct WooCommerce

 A plugin for WooCommerce to show product based on country, region and/or city. User can add multiple options or leave blank for all. Features   Geo-target multiple product/category Geo-target by country Geo-target by region/state Geo-target by city Disable/Remove Geo-targeted product Show-Hide Geo-target product   How to Use it? Its very simple, all you have to

WooCommerce Minimum Cart Value

 WooCommerce Minimum Cart Value WooCommerce Minimum Cart Value extends the possibilities of WooCommerce by offering function where a person cannot confirm the order without a specific minimum order value. It will help you to fix a limit on the order value. Such as If you will set minimum order value as $500 then no one

WordPress WooCommerce Custom Order Prefix Plugin

 WordPress WooCommerce Custom Order Prefix Plugin WordPress WooCommerce Custom Order Prefix provide the facility to add a custom order prefix and custom order suffix also. Admin can add a prefix to the shipping method also. Store owners often need to change order numbers either for customer convenience or to keep business information safe. In such

WooPay Pay Per page/Post – WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

 Best way to sell pages & posts, users need to login and purchase a product related to the page/post and content will be unlocked. The plugin creates a custom field which you need to fill in the product id/number which user need to purchase to unlock the content. Multiple products can be added. The plugin

Single Product Page Builder for WooCommerce

 This is a component of WooComposer. If you want cart, category, checkout, my account, order received builder, you can purchase WooComposer as a WooCommerce Page Builder bundle. Single Product Page Builder for WooCommerce Best way to customize your WooCommerce Single Product page This is the only WooCommerce single product page builder that comes closest to

Windows Calculator

 Helps to choose and calculate the price for plastic windows. You can create combinations of products, set their prices and sizes, define additional options. It is possible to calculate total price online and make an order. Main features: Fully customizable Smart price calculation online Online-order support SVG images support Responsive layout Visual editor

Woocommerce Bulk Download

  WOOCOMMERCE BULK DOWNLOAD Key Features Easy configuration Easy to use for each user. Download all / several downloadable products on a single ZIP file. Additional download button on order detail page. Change download button and select all check box text. Working with any theme.

Pupillary Distance Measurer “Woocommerce plugin”

 PD Measurer “Woocommerce plugin” Is to assist the optometrist & Eyewear seller in getting optical measurements of the eyewear buyer .. When fitting prescription glasses, it is important for lenses be correctly aligned with each eye and therefore mounted the correct distance apart. For this reason, we have devised a method to accurately measure the

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