eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WordPress WooCommerce Measurement Price Estimator

 Woocommerce Measurement Price Estimator is the plugin for calculating product price based on product’s dimensions, area, volume, and weight. This plugin allows you to sell liquids, wallpapers, flooring products based on their measurements. Admin can set each measurement’s unit, pricing unit, and labels. This plugin has multiple features listed below: Woocommerce Measurement Price Estimator Features:

AZBooking – Woocommerce Hotel Booking

 AZBooking is a plugin integrate with Woocommerce for hotel booking, the plugin using the products of Woocommerce for the room type of accommodation with this type you could custom the room type to be easy and dynamic. Main features Unlimited room types Unlimited accommodations Working with the payment gateway of Woocommerce Extra services Extra fees

WordPress WooCommerce Products Auction Plugin

 Woocommerce Products auction is a wonderful plugin that allows you to sell a product at an auction for your Woocommerce store. With the auction plugin, any buyer can place a bid for a specific product. Woocommerce auction plugin allows the buyer to purchase a product at the best price and allows the store owner to

Woocommerce Quickbooks

 Woocommerce quickbooks integration plugin will integrate your woocommerce store with quickbooks online .. Works with Multi Currency No Monthly Charge! One time payment! Life time access!! Unlimited Transactions!! You will need to have ssl certificae (https) on your woocommmerce site It works for all countries including USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK and INDIA It also works

Woocommerce Easy Stock Management

 Woocommerce Stock management System allow admin can update product stock details like “quantity” “weight,”regular price”,”sale price” without to move under product management using bulk action without no need to setup any configuration or shortcode. You can set “Price” for each product.You can set “Sale price” for each product.You can set Quantity for each product.You can

WordPress WooCommerce Multi Seller Marketplace Plugin

 Woocommerce Multivendor Marketplace is a powerful plugin which convert your woocommerce website into a multivendor e-commerce website. Where multiple sellers can sell their products on the same platform and their selling activities can be tracked from a centralized backend. Marketplace Sellers Features: Separate vendor profile and dashboard. Product selling counter on single product page. Product

WordPress WooCommerce Repeat Order Plugin

 WordPress woocommerce repeat order is a simple and wonderful plugin for woocommerce store. After Installing this plugin user can place quick order from their past orders.user can see a repeat order button on orders listing page.This repeat button is totally configurable from admin dashboard. Woocommerce reapeat order features Repeate Order allow checkout for previous orders.

Woocommerce Image Sales

 WooCommerce Image Sales was built to provide a better, quicker and easier way to turn your images into WooCommerce digital products. Are you a photographer and want to sell your images on your WooCommerce store. This tool is for you. It will do the heavy work. just set your presets (for example price) drag your

WordPress WooCommerce Quick Invoice PDF

 WordPress woocommerce quick invoice PDF is a plugin for generating a PDF invoice after placing an order by the customer. Admin can set three types of invoice. First is attached with email. Second is download PDF invoice after order and third is only allow from order list. Admin can also set that generating invoice when

WordPress WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

 Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping allows you to add shipping rules for calculating shipping. Shipping rates based on product weight, quantities and price. Once plugin configuration saved than shipping cost will be applied on the cart accordingly. Admin has the option to set how to shipping charges applied like on items, line item, category or cart