Easy Customizer for WooCommerce

Easy Customizer for WooCommerce will allow users to Customize the default texts given by WooCommerce plugin without doing single line of coding, for the Shop page, Product Detail page as well as The Checkout Page.


  • Add to Cart Button Text – You can change the Add to cart button text on the SHop page and on the product detail page, moreover, you can change this button text separately.
  • Sales Badge text – To change the SALE! badge on the shop page and product detail page separately you can use this feature.
  • Title and Heading of Tab on detail page – You can easily change the Heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tab as well as the title of that both tab on the Product Detail page.
  • Place Order Button Text – You can change Checkout page “Submit Order” button text easily.
  • Stock Availability Message – You can change the default message for the Stock management like, “Out of Stock” or “Available on backorder” on the product detail page.
  • Login Message – You can Change login message on the checkout page, for the users who are buying products without login.
  • Coupon Message – You can use this option to change the Coupon Message “Have a Coupon code?” at the checkout page.

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