Diker – Online Surveys

Diker is an online surveys plugin that will measure, improve customer experience and engage your audience. With the help of diker you can understand what drives your website visitors, what makes them happy and what makes them feel bad so you can optimize your website design, content and products based on honest feedbacks. Diker will convert site visitors into loyal customers.

Why Diker:

Most webmasters don’t get in touch with their website visitors and/or customers so it become so difficult to predict why your things started to stall, Visitors are starting to drop especially your repeat visitors, Subscriptions to your email list are barely trickling in, Nobody is buying your products and/or services. Diker provide a fun and easy way to get in touch and learn more about your visitors and/or customers. With diker you can design surveys that better suit you website, track views and interactions, target surveys to specific browsers and operating systems, schedule surveys, show surveys in any page you like… and much more. Diker is a lightweight plugin and won’t slow down your website.