Delete Posts and Custom Posts with AJAX

Delete Posts and Custom Posts with AJAX

This plugin will help you clean the database from unwanted posts, created by spammers, by mistake, or other cause. The main strengths are:

  • Build-in query builder, to create the query searching your posts
  • Search/queried results can be easily checked for details
  • The deletion speed can be adjusted on any server capacity
  • All errors related to connection with the server, server down or internet timeout, are automatically handled
  • Can support unlimited number of posts to be deleted, the only factor is time
  • PHP query filter, to create complex queries, is available

At this moment, the query builder supports next searching options:

  • Any post type
  • Any post status
  • Author parameters
    • By author ID
    • By author nice name
    • By more author IDs or excluding more author IDs
  • Category/Tag parametres
    • By category/tag ID and slug
    • By multiple category/tag IDs, IN, AND and NOT rules
  • Search by keyword in title and content
  • Post/Page parameters
    • by ID
    • by slug
    • by title
    • by post/page parent
    • by multiple IDs, slugs or parents
  • By password

What is not yet included in query builder, but can be easily integrated with a simple filter described in the documentation:

  • Meta queries
  • Date queries
  • Nested queries based on meta queries, date and other structures.