Debug My WP – Debugging And Development Suite For Developers

Debug My WP contains lots of tools for theme and plugin developers, like deprecated function reporters, dump post & user generators, database inspectors and WP_Query builders.

Newest Feature – PHP2Console

var_dump() your all PHP objects/arrays on JavaScript Console !

get a nice warning message instead of PHP’s ugly and blocking error message

  1. Deprecated Function and File Finder & Reporter – Find all deprecated call inside plugin and theme files.
  2. WP_Query Builder and Tester
  3. One click multiple post generator
  4. One click multiple user generator
  5. Config File Inspector
  6. Database Inspector
  7. Options Inspector
  8. Cron Jobs Inspector
  9. Page Queries Inspector
  10. Theme & Plugin Update Checker – Force WordPress to check plugin updates

Future Plans

  1. PHPUnit Test Suite