Day Night Business Hours

Day Night Business Hours WordPress Plugin

DayNight Business Hours WordPress Plugin is one of the most powerful plugins for online shops and business establishments that have variable working shifts, round the week and round the clock. Unlike the ordinary business hours plugin, DayNight WordPress Plugin is equipped with full day and night clock which remains active even post midnight. Whereas a normal business hours plugin shows the hour counter up till 12 at midnight and goes to zero post that time, DayNight plugin accounts for every hour after the duration of 12 hours gets over. This plugin is thoughtfully designed to suit all the modern day needs of online shops, fashion store, online retailing, woocommerce site and any other business house that works on crucial deadlines and abide by fluctuating working hours in different days of the week. DayNight plugin is loaded with multiple hi-end features that transform any site into highly functional online shop. It not only enhances the functionality of any site but also add to the miraculous effect of the site.