COVID-19 Coronavirus — Live Map & Widgets for WordPress

As COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreads across the globe, it is helpful and interesting to track the transmission patterns through a coronavirus map.

The plugin provided a shortcode [COVID19]. You can use the shortcode in your posts and pages.

Shortcode [COVID19-WIDGET] for Text Widget.



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Support and Updates


  • WordPress 4.6.x or above

What are the sources of data informing the dashboard?

The data sources include the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, and the DXY, one of the world’s largest online communities for physicians, health care professionals, pharmacies and facilities.

How often is the Map information updated?

The map is maintained in near real time throughout the day through a combination of manual and automated updating. A database updates daily at around 11:59 p.m. UTC. Occasional maintenance can result in slower updates.

How often is the Live Widgets information updated?

Every 10 minutes.

How to add a widget to the WordPress sidebar?

  • Go to «Appearance > Widgets»
  • Create a new Text widget
  • Insert the desired shortcode from the plugin settings, eg. [COVID19-WIDGET]
  • Done!

Add Shortcode to PHP Page

Here is the code to insert so you can do that. Add this php code within the page template:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[COVID19]"); ?>

How to Update The Plugin

  • Step 1 – You need to deactivate the current “COVID-19 Live Statistics” plugin in the “Plugins > Installed Plugins” section. Once you deactivate a plugin, you can delete the COVID-19 Live Statistics plugin. Dont worry, your content will not be lost.
  • Step 2 – Retrieve the “” file from your new Codecanyon download. If you downloaded the “Main Files” from Codecanyon, then you need to unzip the archive file you received, the will be inside of it.
  • Step 3 – Then simply upload the “” file in the “Plugins > Add New” section. Click on the “Upload Plugin” tab at the top and choose to upload the zip file.
  • Step 4 – Once it uploads, choose to activate the plugin.

Nothing works!!!

As the Codecanyon comments section is meant only for pre-sale questions and generalities, we are not able to provide detailed support here. We would request you to please create a support ticket and our support team will gladly assist you.
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[1.0.4] – 22-Mar-20

  • New shortcode available «List of Countries»
  • Bug fixes
  • Visual improvement

[1.0.3] – 21-Mar-20

  • WP Widgets support

[1.0.2] – 20-Mar-20

  • Bug fixes
  • RTL support
  • Pot file included
  • RU language available

[1.0.1] – 18-Mar-20

  • Add a field “Custom CSS”

[1.0.0] – 17-Mar-20

  • First Release