Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce and WordPress

The ultimate gamified exit-intent popup is here! 51% OFF for first 10 buyers!

Engage your customers by giving them a chance to win a coupon by spining a fortune wheel. Automatically issue UNIQUE WooCommerce coupon codes, display coupons immediately or send them by mail, display coupon URGENCY timer countdown in store for more engagement, collect data (email, first name, last name) and subscribe customers to your MailChimp lists, and much more …

Coupon Wheel provides the most advanced gamified popup coupon solution for WooCommerce and WordPress.

*Unique coupon codes and urgency timer is available only with WooCommerce store and WooCommerce compatible themes

Go to our DEMO SHOP and wait for popup or make an exit-intent to test it out.

Top 10 Features

12 customizable slices – Customize slice label and coupon code for each slice.

100% Server-side controlled – Precisely set which coupons and how much you want to issue.

MailChimp integration – Send new subscribers directly to your MailChimp list, optionally enable double-optin!

Popup Preview mode – To test your Coupon Wheel fully and not disrupt website before going Live.

Advanced Anti-Cheat Engine – Set spin limiter based on e-mail, cookies or IP, ReCAPTCHA support. We also developed and included realtime e-mail domain validator, how bow dah.

SMART Loader – Loads frontend resources only when needed (eg when Wheel should be displayed), so while plugin is hibernating it will have zero-memory footprint on customers browser. Coupon Wheel cares for your optimal website performance!

Popup display options – Exit-intent trigger & Timed trigger. Also text color customization and 250+ beautiful popup gradient backgrounds to choose from.

Unlimited Wheels – Make, clone, display any number of Coupon Wheels.

Mobile & Desktop friendly – Tested and designed to work flawlessly with all major browsers and devices.

Page Filtering – If you want to display Coupon Wheel only on specific pages (eg. landing page).

Coupon Wheel spins 24/7 to generate leads and increase conversions for you! :-)


Total control over winnings

Data collection & MailChimp integration

Customizable popup options

250+ popup backgrounds to choose


Popup triggers & Page Filtering

Advanced Anti-Cheat functionality

Responsive design