Cookile Alert WordPress plugin


Under EU privacy regulations, all websites must make it clear to visitors what information about them is being stored. This specifically includes cookies. Even if cookies do not store information identifying an individual, you must still provide your visitor with information on what is being stored, by whom, what for, and so on.

Cookie Info WP – Cookie Law Compliance Script.

  •     EU cookie law
  •     UK cookie law
  •     Dutch cookie law
  •     Italian cookie law
  •     German cookie law


  •     different colour styles .
  •     A light and dark theme for each colour.
  •     Position on the right or left.
  •     Define your own text, cookie name and animation times.
  •     Automatically opt users in to cookies, or make it opt-in.
  •     Over 15 configuration options, all editable via the WordPress admin interface.
  •     Easy install, upload one ZIP or upload one folder via FTP and you’re read.
  •     Easy to use admin interface, see the screenshots for more details!