Convert Youtube Videos into WordPress Posts

Video CMS for WordPress is the plugin to convert youtube videos to WordPress posts. Admin can import videos using channel ID, playlists or search terms. Videos can be assigned to custom posts type automatically.

Youtube Videos to Posts

Features List

  • Convert all videos of a channel into WordPress Posts.
  • Fetch videos from particular playlists and convert into posts.
  • Admin can create videos posts matching some search keywords criteria.
  • Admin can create posts by fetching videos manually by providing comma seperated video Ids.
  • Save fetch videos in any post types. Posts will be created automatically from fetched videos.
  • Assign category to fetched videos from different playlists to manange them efficiently.
  • YouTube channel & your WP site stay syncronized with help of cron job system. New video post will be created very soon sust after you released any new video on your channel automatically.
  • Display/Embed video player for created video post on frontend instead of fetaured image.
  • Display live video statatics (Number of likes, dislikes, comments) with help of shortcodes.
  • Admin can manually syncronize video fetching rules.