Contact Widget Plus

Contact Widget Plus allows you to quickly and easily display your contact information on your site, formatted with semantic markup.

In addition to regular contact information, the widget can also show click-to-call phone numbers, social media links (Font Awesome Icons), embedded Google Maps and an “Add Contact” link.

Fully responsive, with settings to customize the look and feel of the widgets.

Multiple Layouts

CWP widgets can be set to either narrow (the default) or wide layouts. Both widgets display the same contact information. The narrow widget can show a link to Google Maps, while the wide widget can display an embedded map beside the contact information. Narrow Widget

Wide Widget

Customizing Your Widgets

You can easily customize the look of your widget from the CWP Settings page.
Customize the Size and Color of the Social Icons

Customize the Size and Color of the Map Link and Get Directions Link

Customize The Add to Contacts Button