Comment Plus

Comment plus is a WordPress plugin that enriches the features of the standard comment system. It allows image attachment, notifications on new comments, welcome email on first comment posted and other powerful features like image watermarking, gallery of comments images and more.

Comment Plus can give new life to your post letting readers to discuss and interacting each others!

Full feature list
– send notifications of new comments to subscribed readers
– send notification of replies to a comment to the original comment author (greatly increase the discussion level)
– send a welcome (to my blog) email on first comment
– send thank you message on first comment on a specific post
– subscription check box on comment form (for all comment and/or for replies)
– subscription to the comment thread of a post on the thank you messages
– notifications with reconstructed thread for who uses the threaded comments
– notification with thumbnails of comments attached images
– image attachment to comments with control on display sizes and layout (png, jpg and gif supported)
– lot of tags to customize the messages with subscriber and author names, comment excerpt or thread excerpt, post title, post link, comment link for quick access to the blog…
– HTML or plain text messages
– little statistics about emails sent
– flexible and easy to configure
– short code to create a gallery from comment attached images
– image watermarking