Combunity Forums: Simple, Modern, Powerful Forums for WordPress

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The Combunity Forums plugin cum theme is the most complete single plugin based solution to building your own Forum on WordPress. Built on the rock solid Combunity framework, featuring a very modern UI and packed with tons of features, Combunity Forums makes it a breeze for anyone to build their own online Forum with WordPress. Whether you’re a teacher building a discussion forum for your students, a hobbyist looking for like minded people, or a developer looking for a simple Support forum for your website, Combunity Forums is the tailor made solution for you!

Combunity’s full features include:

  • Responsive Design
  • Supports Social Login system connected with 23 different providers: Allow your users to register/login with their Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.
  • Widgets for everything: Forum Stats, Popular Posts, most active users etc.
  • Completely customizable: Every aspect of the Combunity-Forums theme can be completely customized using the built in WordPress Customizer.
  • MarkDown editor for posts: Makes creating new threads and replies a breeze for your users.
  • Thread Locking support
  • Approve/Reject posts
  • Flag spam comments
  • Socially synced user profiles and profile photos: For users who choose to register with the Social Login system
  • AJAX powered post submissions
  • Customizable sidebar placements
  • Complete Emoji support
  • Support for User Mailboxes
  • Email based notifications for user actions
  • Built-in user notification system: Send notifications to users every time they subscribe to a forum, get replied to or generally interact on the site.
  • Built in moderator system
  • Support for Custom Analytics scripts including Google Analytics
  • Automated Updates: With built in automated updates you wont’ need to download the theme each time we update it. Simply click the update button in your WordPress Dashboard and you would be automatically updated to the latest version of Combunity Forums without any hassle.
  • Brilliant Support from the Combunity HQ: We don’t just sell you a product and disappear. Rather we stand by it, no matter whenever you need our help, we’re simply there. You won’t ever feel deserted with Combunity. Experiencing difficulties? Found a bug? Have a suggestion? simply contact us via the Combunity Support Portal and we’d be there at your service.