Combat Adblocker – Anti Adblock Plugin


Combat Adblock relies on a modern, javascript based adblocker detection method. Any webmaster which relies on inline adverts for revenue realises how much of a threat they are. Use Combat Adblocker to claim back your advertising revenue.

Three flexible, powerful user alert methods. Alerts can be tailored uniquley to your website style using HTML and css styles.

  • Javascript Pop Up Alert
  • Jquery Modal Alert
  • HTML/CSS Powered Banner

Perfect For

  • Personal Blogs
  • Local News Sites
  • Informational Sites
  • Affiliate Sites
  • Any Site relying on adverts as a revenue source


  • Modern, JS enabled detection method
  • Three powerful alert methods
  • Hide all content or just partial with powerful shortcodes
  • Redirect after alert option
  • Pop Up and Inline banners are html/css editable
  • Graphed Statistics About how many adblockers have been detected
  • Global lock function to lock all posts and pages from adblockers
  • Extremely Easy Setup
  • Support for all modern browsers
  • 3rd and 1st Party ad support


Server side cache settings need tweaks to enable this plugin to function properly,
please see readme.txt


V 1.1

Expected Within 1 month of V1.0, featured added security and
any launch bugs cleared up.

V 1.0

Release Candidate