Calendar Anyting | Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar

Show any existing WordPress custom post type in a calendar

If you have a site and you already have an event plugin to manage your events, then you can show these events easily in cool calendars at your site (eg. in a widget, a page, etc.). Very useful for sites like gyms, schools, bars, restaurants, concert halls, etc.

Full Feature List

Multiple calendar views

Choose between month, agenda, list and basic view.

Attach custom post types

You can show any custom post type in your calendar.

Attach multiple post types

You can show multiple custom post types in the same calendar.

Unlimited calendars

Create as many calendars as you desire.

Ready-to-use themes

Choose between 11 ready-to-use themes and make cool calendars on the fly!

Multiple calendars on same page

You can use multiple calendars on the same page.

Customizable calendars

You can customize each calendar separately.

Unlimited styling options

Style the calendar the way you want! Choose background color, borders, margin, padding options and many, many more.

Google fonts

Select from a large library of Google fonts and set the desired typography for all your calendar texts.

Date Range

You can set the calendar’s date range. All events outside the date range are hidden and the navigation buttons are deactivated.


Choose the navigation buttons that you want displayed on the toolbar.

Event filtering

You can add a filtering dropdown and give the user the abillity to show specific events only.

Event limit

If you have a large number of events in the same day, you can set an event limit.

Event coloring

If you want, you can add colors to your event taxonomies and colorize your events according to their taxonomy colors.

Event caching

Enable caching for calendar events.

2 event fetching modes

Get calendar events by using ajax or by prerendering all of them.


You also have the ability to add tooltips on your events.


With our plugin you can create trully responsive calendars. Which means that on larger screen you can a different view than on smaller screens.

Support & development

We provide fast and reliable support to our customers. You can count on us for after sale support and continued development of the plugin.


Take a look at our extensive online documentation.