Border Menu – custom icon menu with an animated border effect

The WordPress plugin Border Menu will become the functional solution for the sites of any type. It allows you to develop the unique unfolding menu, which can increase the usability of the web resource and save the screen space. The tool is used to create the convenient navigation bar.


The settings section is responsible for the appearance of the menu that is unfolding on the borders of the site. It allows you to position the navigation bar in the specific place on the page and define the primary colors for it.

The options include:

  • position – specifies the position of the button to bring up the menu on the site. Determines the placement of elements on the horizontal and vertical bars: top-left/top-right/bottom-left/bottom-right;
  • menu button color – defines the color of the main “button-hamburger”;
  • menu item color – sets the color for the navigation bar items.

Edit the border menu under the design of your site. Change the settings according to the page style.

Menu 1 и Menu 2

Sections are used to create and customize navigation elements. The “Menu 1” tab is used to fill the vertical menu and “Menu 2” to the horizontal menu bar. New items are added using the “Add item” button. To configure the use:

  • select icon – contains the large selection of icons divided into categories;
  • tooltip – serves to add and display tooltip when the element is hovered;
  • item type – selects the type of the menu item by its intended use.

Depending on the selected variant of the element, the additional field of settings is displayed:

  • link – the field for inserting the link;
  • social networks – the list for choosing one of the popular social networks;
  • redirect URL – redirect to the specified page address.

The plugin allows you to create site navigation, social panels, the user menu with registration, authorization, logout and password reset, work with the printer and switch to third-party resources.

Show menu

The section serves to set the display of the unfolding menu on the page:

  • the navigation panel display is set for all visitors, as well as selectively: for authorized or unauthorized users of the site;
  • the menu can be displayed in accordance with the language of the page;
  • navigation can be displayed on all pages and in all posts of the website, with the exception of individual pages/posts, the set ID or shortcode.

The Border Menu Pro plugin for WordPress resources allows you to customize the output for different user groups. The navigation bar will make the site recognizable by adding an individual style. When you click on the hamburger button the main area of the site is obscured, concentrating the user’s attention on the menu items.