Birthday Reminder For Woocommerce

Woocommerce Birthday Reminder enables you as a store owner to wish your customers on their birthday and can configure the extension by setting a number of days prior to which automatic email with the special offer will be sent to customers.

Never forget a customer’s birthday again! Woocommerce Birthday Reminder is a Woocommerce extension gives you a powerful system to provides customers with timely email reminders on their birthday and shower them with promotions and coupons.

This extension makes it easier for the store owner to stimulate customers’ buying behaviour by giving them a reason to buy. This is an excellent way to offer customers a personalised experience on an online store, helping customers prepare gifts by sending an EMAIL notification to remind them of their birthday.

This extension allows the store owner to personalise the email with product/services discounts or coupons. This encourages users to buy gifts with a special discount on their special days and get connected to the store even when they’re not buying anything.


  • Users can set birthday when registering or on their profile after registrations
  • Store owners can customise promotion using native Woocommerce settings
  • Reminders are sent by emails on first day of the month, a few days before and on the actual day and can include products discounts and coupons.
  • Customisable email template


  • Helps building a Satisfied and Happy Customer base.
  • Send exciting Offers/Discounts to Customer on their Special day.
  • Increase customers’ buying interest
  • Generate more sales