Before/After Image Comparison Element for Avada v5 Fusion Builder

Show your customers the before/after result of your offering.
The Before/After Element by Arctic Lune allows you to slide between two images and compare them side-by-side. That way, the results are hard to miss.

Compatible with Avada's Fusion Builder - version 5.0 and above required

As with Avada v5, you must have PHP v5.3+ for this plugin to function correctly.

Ticket-based support and helpful documentation

This item comes with excellent support—we won’t leave you in the cold!

Features - touch-friendly slide control, fully responsive, intro animations, custom labels

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More Features - Mobile-friendly, Auto-updates, Animations, Developer-friendly

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Stand out from the crowd with this interactive image comparison tool designed to delight your customers. Purchase the Before/After element from Arctic Lune today!