bbPress Ultimate


This plugin will extend your bbPress forums with additional dynamic information about the users which can be edited anytime, and displays these info in the topic/reply author details snippet in bbPress forums.


All the currently supported features are listed below. This plugin allows you to add the following elements after topic/reply author’s details in bbPress forums:


  • Topics count:

Displays the topics count of the topic/reply author.

  • Replies count:

Displays the replies count of the topic/reply author.

  • Online status:

Shows when (time) a user is/was online, if BuddyPress is activated.

  • User country:

Displays a flag of the user’s country, this country can be selected while editing the user’s bbPress profile, “About Yourself” section.

  • Social profiles (10+):

Shows a list of the user set social profiles, which can be edited anytime in the bbPress user profile edit “Contact Info” section. Social profiles currently include a website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Reddit, Myspace, Github, WordPress, Instagram, Email and Flickr.

  • Contact link:

A BuddyPress Private Message link, linking to the BuddyPress compose message page, to contact this user if bp is activated and PM component is enabled.

  • Registration date:

Displays how long a user is a member of the website.

  • Profile edit:

Links to the bbPress profile edit page. Can be seen by logged-in user only, and in their topics/replies only (except for admin, shows in all snippets )