Availability Calendar and Pricing Table Plugin

Availability Calendar and Pricing Table Plugin

The all-in-one Availability Calendar and Pricing Table Plugin is the solution to many WordPress real estate and holiday rental websites which require an easy way to include an availability calendar for in each rental property and a pricing table to show prices per duration clearly, prices by weekend, week, month… The Availability Calendar is a simple WordPress plugin the allows you to create an individual availability calendar and price table for each property you are displaying on you website. Whether the property is created as a post, page or custom post type, the calendar and pricing table can be installed easily, with no limit to the amount of calendars available.

Availability Calendar

  • The plugin has been created with the user in mind, with a clean, clear interface which offers an availability calendar that can be used individually on WordPress posts, pages and custom posts, even multiple calendars can be shown on one page.
  • Default settings of the availability calendar can be adjusted to suit your page, and all levels of post authors with access to the admin area can edit the individual calendars.
  • In the post or page admin area in WordPress, you can select the availability in a calendar just by using the easy one click system, just click on the date on the availability calendar to change its status to show if its available, not available, or if it’s a changeover day.
  • You can select a whole month to change from available to occupied at a click of a button.
  • To correct or edit the availability calendar later, you can just go to the post or page where the calendar is and click the dates again to un select them, so viewers can see the dates available again.
  • There is also an option to change the default colors to match your website (available, occupied…) or you can upload your own image to display availability.
  • It also comes with 5 different themes which you can choose from (default, light, dark, colorful and modern).

Pricing Table

  • The pricing table is also configurable, offering the option of adding different seasons (low season, high season…) and different durations (night, weekend, week, month..) to be able to offer a full pricing table with dates and prices per different durations.
  • You can select the currency you would like the Price Table to be displayed in: Dollars, Euros or Pounds

This plugin has been fully tested with the latest version of WordPress and the most popular browsers.

In the future

  • We are currently working on the final touched to make the WordPress Availability Calendar and Pricing Table Plugin responsive, this will be included soon the next version.
  • Also, due to popular user requests we are going make the availability calendar iCal (.ics) compatible (import and export data) and also compatible with Google Cal.
  • If you would like to request a new feature for this WordPress plugin to make it work better for you and your website, then please let us know.
  • If you like this plugin and it has been useful we would appreciate if you could take the time to rate it, you can so this from your ‘Downloads’ page in your profile – Thank you :)