Amazon To Woocommerce Item Import(For Any Merchant-ReSeller)

UserName: amazonb2b
Password: amazonb2b123

A)About Amazon To Woocommerce Item Import(For Any Merchant) – top

To start Importing your allow_fopen_url should be enabled to yes in php.ini file. Ebayaffiliate Extension allows to import products,pricing,description,categories, images etc from “Amazon” to your wordpress woocommerce Store. The extension reads out Amazon store automatically and import the products in your woocommerce Store.

  • We can Import any specific Product from Amazon with item id with single item import feature.
  • Imports simple and configurable(variations) products.
  • Imports Variation Images.
  • Search By keyword feature allows us to search the Products on Amazon with a Keyword. It will give you the all available Product matches in the Amazon, from those we can select the Products and import them into our store.

B) Installation – top conatins the files/directories.

  • doc
    • index.html
    • assets

Upload file for install the Plugin.

C) Creating Amazon Api Credentials – top


D)How It works: – top