Affiliate Product Reviews

More and more people inform themselves in the internet before they buy a product. Product reviews have become a reliable revenue stream for affiliate marketers.

With this plugin, you turn your WordPress installation into a powerful product review site.

Create reviews with individual ratings, unlimited data sheets, rich snippets, pro and contra lists, an image gallery with optimized click through rates, masked affiliate links and much more.

More than ten shortcodes can be used and the integrated template engine enables you with a little knowledge of HTML to design a coherent layout for any theme you whish. Learn more about the shortcodes in this small article. \\

A product review

Amazon API integration

If you use Amazon as your affiliate partner, your prices will be updated automatically every day and you can super easy download the product images from the API into your Media Library!

Amazon API picutre integration into the Media library.

Blog posts of custom post type

You can use your regular posts to be reviews or you can use the integrated custom review post type.