Adyen WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Global coverage with local payment methods

Adyen can route transactions from anywhere in the world – day or night. Adyen support over 250 specific payment methods and all valid currencies. Adyen broad payments methods network offers 187 transactions and 17 settlement currencies across six continents.

How it works

The payment process is redirect one. Your customers will be redirected to a secure Adyen payment page, where they will make a payment. After the payments is complete the customers will be redirected back to your merchant store and presented with a Thank you/Receipt page.


No SSL needed, the payment process uses security hashing to transfer the data and the payment itself is made on a secure Adyen page.


Q: Is there any setup / subscription fees?
A: There are no setup fees, settlement fees, subscription fees or other hidden fees.

Q: Can i withdraw money from Adyen account to my local bank account ?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can i use PayPal as one of accepted payment method ?
A: Yes, you can.