Advanced WooCommerce Reporting


WooCommerce Advance Reporting System plugin is a comprehensive and the most complete reporting system which shows you a complete report of Recent Orders, Sales Order Summary, Top Product views, Coupons, Order status, Stock, Shipping, Tax, Categories and … in a very easy way. You can filter your detailed reports by dates and other related options.
Also we have created a section which you can set your desired monthly sale amount (called Projected Sale) and then view a report of Projectd Vs Actual Sale for each month of year.

Key Features

  • Clean Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Easy-to-use UI for all users.
  • Brief overview of what has happened today, this month, this year and … in your WooCommerce shop.
  • Visual reports as pie-charts and bar-charts.
  • Thorough and brief summary reports in dashboard for having a nice overview
  • Detailed reports in separate pages with search features
  • Projected Vs Actual Sales to see how is your business going on. This option is configurable for 11 years (5 past years + 5 advance years)
  • Added “Views” to the “WooCommerce” products in case of see popularity of your products
  • Saving the reports as PDF, CSV and XLS
  • Representing a full-page view in case of a clean print
  • Copy all data of a report by one simple click
  • The reports available in this plugin are listed below
    • Products report
    • Orders report
    • Categories report
    • Customers report
    • Billing countries report
    • Billing states report
    • Payment gateways report
    • Order statuse report
    • Coupons report
    • Stock report
    • Projected vs. actual sales report
  • And More ….