Advanced Contact Form Plugin

This is a feature-rich WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to add powerful ready-made contact forms to your site in 2 minutes!

Here are top reasons you may fall in love with this plugin!

2 minutes to setup, integrate, & style!
Fat-free! No crap included to increase sales!
Works with any theme!
Ready-made CSS3 styles!
Visual Composer support!
Unlimited number of forms
Shortcode & Widget support
Multiple recipients, with CC & BCC
File attachments, plus validation
Spam, CSRF & XSS protection!
Optional anti-Spam flood protection
E-mail & IP address blacklists
Built-in image CAPTCHA
Built-in hidden CAPTCHA (honey pot)
Built-in riddle CAPTCHA (localization-ready)
Customizable form field labels!
Customizable submit button text
Customizable e-mail subject & body!
Customizable automatic response!
Customizable subscription notification!
Customizable subscription verification!
Customizable newsletter field label
Compatible with WPML, qT, etc
Very small front-end only PO file!
SMTP support (with TLS\SSL support)
Customizable “From:” header!
Plain text & HTML support
Optional redirection on success
Optional last name requirement
Automatic subscriptions
Optional subscription notification
E-mail address verification
Per-form configurations
Web accessibility best practices
Optional WAI-ARIA landmark roles
Progressive enhancement
Unobtrusive JavaScript\AJAX
Unobtrusive client-side validation
Optimized CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
Minimum HTTP requests
Least 3rd-party dependencies possible
Optional “no relay” (iPage, GoDaddy, etc)
Semantic structure
Automatic updates
Top-notch support!
And really really much more…


\\ Screencast 1:
Ready-made contact forms in 2 seconds!
\\ Screencast 2:
No coding required! Just point and click!
\\ Screencast 3:
Create form-specific configurations
\\ Screencast 4:
Create complicated recipient menus
\\ Screencast 5:
Customize and translate everything!

Want even more features?! :D

Sure! send your feature requests via this page.


Please do NOT use the comments section for support requests, use the “Support” section instead. Thank you! :)

PHP 5.2 has been deprecated ages ago!

As you may have already realized by the comments, this plugin does not support PHP v5.2 because PHP v5.2 has been deprecated over 4 years ago.

If you are using a deprecated version of PHP please upgrade it – or ask your host to do so – even if you are not going to buy this plugin please do upgrade it for your own sake! Thank you! :)