Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager (aka AAM) was released in 2011 and since then has become one of the most popular access manager plugins in WordPress repository with over 800k downloads and more than 60k websites actively using it. Such a positive response suggested that we had created a powerful tool that would allow businesses and individuals to further control and customize the access to their websites.

What differentiate AAM plugin from others is that it allows to manage access to your website resources on user role, individual user and even visitor levels. It also has well-structured API that can used by developers to create custom functionality.

Download and use our free version from the official WordPress repository. The premium version unlocks all limitations related to Posts & Pages access control as it is the most widely used feature.

Below are listed some of the most commonly used features that AAM offers with easy-to-use user interface.

Manage posts & categories
Manage access to all posts, pages, categories, custom post types and custom hierarchical taxonomies. For more information on how this feature works, check our article here.

Manage access to backend menu.
Restrict access (including direct access via link) to any admin menu or submenu with simply checking on restrict access checkbox. For advanced usage, AAM shows a capability that is assigned to each menu and submenu, so you can remove it from any user or user role.

Manage metaboxes & widgets
Remove all unnecessary or restricted metaboxes and widgets from the backend and frontend for any user role, user or visitor.

Manage capabilities
Manage list of capabilities for your user roles and even users.

Manage redirect
Define default system redirect when access is denied to any restricted resource for both frontend and backend.

Create content teaser Define default content teaser for any limited post, page or custom post type.

And many-many more.