Advance Google Map Visual Composer Addon

Advance Google Map Visual Composer Addon, easy and simple, the maps are responsive and styled, using this simple WordPress plugin. The plugin allows multiple markers on the same map and multiple maps in a page. The plugin allows you to add colorful map styles.


– Please note that since 22 June 2016, Google requires a Google Maps API key to create a map, so you will need an API key from them ( ) to use any map plugin from the market, including this one


  • Visual Composer Advance designing with Google Map
  • Google maps plugin to generate maps based on latitude/longitude
  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly
  • Can create a map with multiple markers example here
  • Create good designs with Visual composer Elements
  • There can be more than one maps in a page/post example here
  • The small window popups accept HTML code
  • Clustering option example here
  • included colorful map styles example here
  • W3C valid, does not break your W3C validation.
  • Since 22 June 2016, Google requires an API key for maps, can be obtained easily.
  • Animated Markers example here .
  • Retina support.
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Does not use your database.


  • Visual Composer Plugin
  • Using the Google Maps API you agree to their Terms of Service
  • Some of the styles thanks to: