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Woo Product Quantity Range Price

 Features: Quick and easy installation. Multiple quantity range price set in simple & variation product. Three type price you can set in product. Percentage discount Price discount Selling price Two type quantity range you can set in product price. Between quantity range set price ( 10 – 15 ) Minimum quantity or range set price

Common Wish and Bridal Lists

 A comprehensive, modern and flexible Wish and Bridal lists for WooCommerce. Plugin allows customer add product in wish or bridal list for WooCommerce. User can buy or share list. Features Add and remove product. Changing quantity added product. Setting location button. Setting icons FontAwesome for link. Shortcode for list page. Hook and function for developer.

Placeholder Image Generator and Replacer

 Replace your copyright images in your WordPress Themes automatically in three clicks. The plugin automatically searches for the images, measures the dimensions and generates placeholder images, replaces them in your WordPress Theme beautifully. No need to spend hours creating placeholder images in different sizes. Why we created the plugin Imagine you have used 100 +

Easy 360° Product Viewer

 What is Easy 360° Product Viewer WordPress Plugin ? Easy 360° Product Viewer it’s a a rich-feature and unique wordpress plugin with a fully responsive layout which allows to display a large number of images from different angles of a 2D or 3D product offering control over the layout in the way that pleases you

WP Merge + Similar Finder | Optimization & SEO Tool

 This product has 2 different parts that can actually get 3 jobs done: 1. Merge / Mix Posts   2. Find Similar & Duplicated Posts   3. Or work together to Find Similar / Duplicated contents and Merge them into one   This is not just an Optimization Tool for better Performance, it’s also a

Any Form Ajaxifier

 With this plugin, you can AJAXIFY any of your WordPress ordinary and boring forms which are requiring refresh. You can make each and every form in your WordPress to work as they are written using AJAX in just a click. What type of forms can this plugin AJAXify ? Any types of forms can be

Enfold – Nested Shortcodes

 This plugin helps you unleash the maximum power of the Enfold Pagebuilder by giving you the ability to nest the Enfold Pagebuilder Elements in a simple and intuitive way. Have you ever imagined what would happen if you could nest the elements of the Enfold Pagebuilder and how many additional plugins could save you that?

WooCommerce Marketplace Flat Rate Shipping Plugin

 WooCommerce Marketplace Flat Rate Shipping Plugin This Item only works with Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Hence the Marketplace Plugin is Required, to make use of this Plugin. Marketplace Flat Rate Shipping is an essential feature for the sellers and that’s why we have created an add-on for the marketplace. WooCommerce Marketplace Flat Rate Shipping

Woo Product/Order/Customer/Coupon Export Import

 TRY DASHBOARD PLUGIN TRY DEMO HERE user = demo pass = demo Woo Product/Order/Customer/Coupon Export Import is a export & import extension allow to export and import of product, product categories, users, orders, and coupons. Woo Product/Order/Customer/Coupon Export Import inbuilt functionality are Multiple Powerful Filter, Variation Product, Field Settings and Schedule Management. Woo Product/Order/Customer/Coupon Export

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