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Woo Advance Check Shipping and COD Availibity Using Pincode/Zipcode

 Woo Advance Check Shipping and COD Availibity Using Pincode/Zipcode is a very useful feature in making the online shopping experience convenient. This plugin allows user to know whether or not shipping and cod payment is available at the user-desired location. Another benefit of using this plugin is that the users could be told about the


 Turn a CSV file into WordPress posts or pages with our pro data import plugin. An airline, a US radio station and many real-estate agents have used CSV 2 POST. Some data management features and easy customization makes CSV 2 POST a good choice for many projects. Our plugin imports data to a custom database

Bookly Chain Appointments

 Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly plugin. View Bookly page at Codecanyon. Let your clients book several services for single visit with the Chain Appointments add-on. The clients will be able to choose multiple services from different service providers at the first step of booking process. The system then will find

Responsive Timetable – Horizontal Addon

  Our horizontal addon provides a horizontal layout for the timetable. It supports all the features of the original layout, like a responsive modern interface, popups, image backgrounds, filters and much more. The layout it fully customisable and different scales are possible. The horizontal layout is fully mobile compatible. You can also choose to show

Woocommerce Tax Manager – WTM

 Woocommerce Tax Manager allows you to add taxes into the woocommerce. Plugin provides the option to disable all other taxes by just one click from settings page. Plugin allows you to add the taxes based on price, product and the quantity. You can choose to apply the tax for specific country. Woocommerce Tax Manager allows

MWP Diet Calories Calculator

 MWP Diet calories Calculator is wordpress plugin that allow you to calculate bmr , tdee, lean body mass, fat body mass, weight lose, weight gain and many other parameters fast and simply. You can display the calculator form in different layouts, and you have a different set of admin options to customize it. MWP Diet

WordPress PDF Viewer and Embed

 Easy to use WordPress PDF viewer and embed plugin. Display your PDF document file as full screen reading document or embed it in any page with shortcode. Plugin Features 2 PDF upload mode. A. upload directly from your local PC and B. Import by PDF URL. 2 Display Mode Full screen and Embed. Customize options,

Profit and Sales Projection Report in WooCommerce

  Profit and sales projection report is very powerful woocommerce plugin that allow WooCommerce store owners to make deep insight into their business?s profit and sales projection report. With this plugin, store owners can examine the weekly, monthly and yearly profit and orders report. More or, the profit and sales projection report plugin also gives

Woocommerce Checkout Recaptcha

 Woocommerce Checkout Google Recaptcha Use Google Recaptcha in woocommerce checkout page so you can stop those spammers placing orders , lower the fraud orders and chargeback Options to place the recaptcha box on different places on the checkout page . Recaptcha box adapts to your website language Plugin interface translatable via PO/MO ( already in