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FullScreen Search

 FullScreen Search is a wordpress plugin which allows you to display fullscreen search overlay. This plugin was created for wordpress users who have no time for creating the whole search engine on their websites. It’s easy way to make your website look better! Just copy-paste this code [fullscreensearch] into your php file, wordpress post or

Scroll Control for Visual Composer

 croll Control is an add-on for Visual Composer that helps you to easily create pages or posts where multiple columns of any row can have different behavior at scroll. Any column with any content can be pinned to top/middle/bottom of the row or synchronized by speed with the highest column.

LivIcons Evolution for WordPress – The Next Generation of the Truly Animated Vector Icons

  LivIcons Evolution as a WordPress plugin The New, Completely Redeveloped, Exclusive Animated Vector Icons LivIcons Evolution is the next modern generation of a classic LivIcons pack of a cross browser vector icons with individual animation for the each one. They are based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), powered by JavaScript, work in all modern

X Docs WordPress Product Documentation Creator

  If you are selling digital product on envato or anyother marketplace. Creating documentation is very boring process. XDocs is WordPress plugin to create product offline and online docs. You can create as many docs as you want by just using simple post and you can also download this document with same theme. XDocs is

WP Attractive Donations System – Easy Stripe & Paypal donations

 PRESENTATION This unique plugin allows you to easily and quickly create beautiful and attractive donations panels on your WordPress website. Each donation can have its own amount steps, texts, colors, pictures, and make payments using Paypal or Stripe. A donation can be displayed directly on a page, as button showing the panel on click, or

Agile Store Locator


Massive Addons for Visual Composer – Collections Pack


WooCommerce Better Product Preview

 WooCommerce Better Product Preview WooCommerce Better Product Preview is a plugin created in order to make things easier in WooCommere. Normally, if you have a product which has some variations differing with just a tiny details you have to create separate image for each variation. Here is a simple example: let’s say that you want

Facebook Clickable Photo Post Generator

 Facebook Clickable Photo Post Generator is an easy to use WordPress Plugin which enables you to post a clickable (url) photo on your Facebook Page. Demo: Username: demo Password: demo URL: Features: The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions Developed using Facebook API v2.5 API and SDK package v5.0 (included in the

WooCommerce – Payment Gateways Discount and Fees

 WooCommerce – Payment Gateway Discount and Fees extension for WooCommerce allows you to define discount or fees for all payment gateways. On checkout discount or fees will be applied based on choosen payment gateway When adding discount or fees, you have 2 options. You can add a fixed amount to the transaction, or a percentage